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Sharkdog Season 3 Release Date Is Not Announced!

Animations are astounding for kids. They love watching cartoons. Many cartoons like paw patrol, Doraemon, Tom & Jerry, Shin-Chan, and Masha & the Bear are loved by kids and even some adults still love watching these cartoons. A recently released Cartoon “Sharkdog” with its storyline has won the heart of many viewers. The cartoon was released on Netflix Junior. It is a comedy cartoon created by Jacinth Tan Yi Ting, a Singaporean artist. 

Sharkdog is an American animated series composed by Dan Martinez. Jacinth Tan Yi Ting is the executive producer of the cartoon. It was produced by John McKenna and edited by Wong Ai Koong and Yuyun Garnish. One Animation and Nickelodeon Productions are the production companies of the cartoon. The cartoon received a good response from the audience and got 6 out of 10 on IMDb. The distributors are ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks (2021) and Paramount Media Networks (2022–present). The cartoon tells the story of a boy and his friend who is half-dog and half-shark. 

The picture and audio format of the cartoon are HDTV 1080p and  Stereo respectively. The American cartoon has already released its 2 seasons on Netflix. After the release of the 2nd season, the audience awaited to know about the release date of season 3 of the cartoon. If you also want to know then go ahead!

Sharkdog Season 3 Release Date

Sharkdog Season 3 Release Date

The release date of the Sharkdog is not known yet. As there is no official announcement of the release of season 3 yet by their makers. Season 1 premiered on 3 September 2021. It has a total of 2 seasons and the 2nd season was released on 30 June 2022. The cartoon has 14 episodes including both seasons. Each episode has a running time of 7-14 minutes. Both seasons consist of 7 episodes. As season 2 of the cartoon was released somewhere around 8 months after the release of season 1, it has the chance to have its season 3 premiere in early 2023. As nothing is known related to the release of season 3, the fans have to wait for the official announcement of the release date of season 3 of the cartoon.

Name of the ShowSharkdog
Season NumberSeason 3
Sharkdog Season 1 Release Date3 September 2021
Sharkdog Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Sharkdog Season 3 Overview

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Sharkdog Season 3 Story

The story of Sharkdog season 3 will once again continue with Max Adventure. If the cartoon is renewed then, it will be full of adventure and comedy. The cartoon will take us into their world of sitcoms and blow the mind of the audience with its excellent animations. The storyline of the seasons has not yet been confirmed by the makers. It is expected the makers might soon announce the release date of the upcoming season of the Cartoon.

Sharkdog Season 3 Characters

The characters are unknown for season 3. They are expected to be the same in the upcoming season. They might add up some new characters as well. The voice given for characters in seasons 1 and 2 is Sharkdog as Dee Bradley Baker, Kari Wahlgren as Mia/Dennis Muckford/Delilah Dourbouche, Dee Bradley Baker as Sharkdog, Aly Mawji as Royce, Meaghan Davies as Annabelle, Judy Alice Lee as Olivia, Donna Jay Fulks as Mayor Muckford, Villa Junior Lemanu as Aleki, Jenny Lorenzo as Christina, Jentel Hawkins as Ms. Williams, Villa Junior Lemanu as Aleki and Max Mittelman as Brody Ceviche. 

Sharkdog Season 1 Recap

Sharkdog Season 3 Release Date

The story of Sharkdog tells us about the friendship of a 10-year-old boy and a sharkdog. The boy is named Max who held the responsibility of his friend. The cartoon shows that Sharkdog has some kind of power that may get exploited if it is exposed. Max tries to protect the identity of his friend, Sharkdog. To protect his identity Max goes on various adventures alongside being responsible for himself. His love for him is very genuine. As Sharkdog was unknown of his power, he used to create a lot of mess unknowingly owing to his power. The cartoon has shown Max’s family. The adventure of cartoons has fascinated fans. The story of the cartoon teaches us the value of true friendship. Many times Max’s friend was trapped in trouble and he tried to save him by putting his life on the line. The unique concept of the cartoon has won the hearts of many. The story is quite amazing, giving the message of the true value of friends.

Sharkdog Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for Season 3 of the cartoon is not released yet. It is expected to release in 2023 on the Official YouTube channel of NetflixJr. The trailer of season 1 was released in 2021 and season 2 in 2022 by NetflixJr. As it has not released the season 3 trailer, the audience can watch the trailer of previous seasons on YouTube till then.

Where To Watch Sharkdog Season 3 Online?

The Sharkdog Season3 will have its Release on Netflix Junior. The previous seasons of the cartoon were also released on the same OTT platform. As season 3 is not released yet, the audience can watch the cartoon on Netflix until then.

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