Shiki Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

The horror anime series Shiki deals with mature stuff such as blood, biohazard, mental and psychological problems and a lot more. It’s been a while since vampire-themed shows and movies have flooded the western media. Anime is not behind in any way. However, Shiki does not provide just another blatant vampire story, even though the main plot surrounds the vampire but it goes way more deeper than just that. It talks about the duality of existence and how the term “good” and “evil” is actually subjective.

It vividly portraits that everyone whether human or not is a slave to circumstances, and shows the line that actually separates true evil and good. The series also states that you don’t have to be non-human to be a monster. The plot set-up and the story is so good that the audience might find it difficult to distinguish what’s actually evil and what is not. It is based on horror manga. Here’s what we know about Shiki Season 2 Release Date.

Shiki Season 2 Release Date

The horror anime was very well received back when it was released in 2010. But as of now, no news about any new installment has been announced by the creators. So for the moment, nothing can be said for sure about there being a second season of the anime. 

Shiki Season 2 Story


The plot of Shiki revolves around the remote village of Sotoba and the mysterious things surrounding it. The story kicks off with an enthusiastic filled 15-year-old girl named Megumi Shimizu. Megumi was a resident of Sotoba but she deeply disliked her own village and always craved for the glamour and glory of the city life. She was fed from the quiet, boring and monotonous life that she had in the village and was eager to settle down in the city and feel the thrills the city life has to offer. Unfortunately, her dream remained dreamed only as she lost her life in the village only before she even got to move out. Her death was extremely untimely and sudden, nobody had a clue as to what happened actually to her. But her death was just the beginning of a grave crisis and tragedy that was going to be all over the village of Sotoba. A great tragedy occurred in the village that affected each and every inhabitant of the village.

An aggressive and lethal epidemic turned the serene village into a graveyard as almost everyone in the village suffered. The summer which was supposed to be calm, warm and quiet turned into a season of suffering, blood and pain. However, the origin, cure, methods of prevention, even the basic information about the disease was a big mystery which made it even more complicated for the people to fight off this tragedy. Amidst all this, a young doctor named Toshio Ozaki upon learning about the situation of the people in the village was baffled and petrified so much so that he immediately began his pursuit to evade this situation.

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Toshio was the dean of the hospital in Sotoba, he is a skilled doctor and he previously practised in the university hospital. He left the university hospital so that he could join the hospital in the village of Sotoba and fill up the place left behind by his deceased father. He is also popularly known as “Waka-sensei”, this nickname was given to him by his colleagues and residents who deeply respected him. The thirty-two year old doctor is married to Kyouko. Kyouko owns an antique shop. With the progress, we also get to see the sour relationship Toshio had with his parents, which is mostly because his parents put forward the reputation of the Ozaki family before anything else. On the other hand, there is Natsuno Yuuki, a teenager from Sotoba who also attends the school there. Just like Megumi, Natsuno also hates his life in a village. He used to live in a city once but was forced to come and live in a village with his parents since his parents wanted a change of environment so as a result, he had to shift into the village as well despite being reluctant to do so.

Natsuno has a cold and calm persona, he clearly disliked Megumi, who had a deep crush upon Natsuno so much so that she even stalked him quite a few times, she even used to fantasize herself in a relationship with him living in the city and leading a glamorous life. However, despite having such a cold exterior, deep inside he holds a soft corner for people close to him and even shows his affection to them. Despite disliking Megumi, Natsuno was pretty shocked when he came to learn about her death so much so that it psychologically affected him. It got soon revealed that the plague which turned the village into a graveyard is not just a natural disaster but it involves vampire-like creatures known as Shiki. Toshio and Natsuno, though reluctantly, join hands and sets off to find a solution before it’s too late to save the village from turning into s village of vampires. 

Shiki Season 2 Characters


Toshio- Tooru Okawa, provides the voice for Toshio in the anime series. He is also the Japanese voice actor who plays the role of Jin from Bleach, Roy Mustang from the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Rufus from the game Final Fantasy. He is also the narrator of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. 

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