Shikizakura Episode 2 Release Date And Characters Announced!

A Japanese anime-manga series called Shikizakura has made its place in the world of entertainment in a very less span of time with just a few episodes. Hayato Aoki has written the plot and premises of the story of the show very beautifully and Manabu Nakatake designed the characters of the show. It is a sci-fi show produced by Tomoyasu Nishimura and created by Sublimation. Here, we will talk about Shikizakura Episode 2 Release Date and other updates regarding the show.

The makers of the have confirmed that the season will have 12 episodes in total. The show is available on networks like Chukyo TV, NTV, ABS, FBS for worldwide streaming. The best part is the title of the show which is not named after the lead character. Shikizakura, probably, is the name of the place where all the high school students live or where the evil meets the good. It is a place which is surrounded by tall trees and the leaves seem like autumn leaves. Fans have to wait for few more episodes to release to know the exact meaning of the title.

Shikizakura Episode 2 Release Date

Many of the fans are eagerly waiting for the second episode to be aired. Well, they will be relaxed to know that the makers had decided to release the episode as soon as possible. The episode is expected to be released on the 16th of October 2021. Fans were amazed just by the few episodes and waiting to see how writers have decided to develop the story in the next episode. Every new episode of the season will release weekly on Saturday at 5.55 p.m. JST.

Shikizakura Episode 2 Characters


Since the show is actually an Anime, there is no cast. However, different actors have voiced different anime characters. Here, we will give you brief information about the actors who voiced in the show.

The show has Kakeru Miwa voiced by Yudai Noda, Oka Myojin by Miho Maahiro, Kippei Nagatsu by Daisuke Nakamoto, and Ibara by Shingo Yoneyama. Besides these, there are supporting characters too. Ryo Hattori was voiced by Shoto Mizukami, Kaede Naruse by Eri Sakazaki, Benio Myojin by Miki Yakata, Issa Inuzuka by Iwori and Ukon Kijima by Yuto Arai.

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Shikizakura Episode 2 Plot

Kakeru Miwa is a high school student. She, unknowingly, gets involved in a battle. The battle was being fought between Power Suits and Oni. Oni prey on humans and are from the Demon world and needs to be defeated. Yoroi from Power Suits is made from ancient secrets and high-tech technology. It has all the ability to defeat Oni and protect the humans.

Kakeru, accidentally, outs the Yoroi on himself and became a member of the team, and now is responsible for protecting humans. Ouka Myojin is the shrine maiden that was designed only to save the world. Kakeru sees herself as a hero and wanted to be a hero. Her determination to be a hero pressurized her to fight Onis and save the Ouka Myojin. It would be interesting to know if she is able to protect the world or loses the battle.

Shikizakura Episode 2 Trailer

If you want to, you can watch the trailer of the show by clicking on the link given above. The trailer gives a wonderful glimpse of the show. Some Japanese students can be seen in the trailer in some type of school uniform.

It depicts a science fictional world where all the battles would be fought by high school students. It is expected to have a lot of suspense, thriller, mystery, and action in the show by watching the trailer. Watch the trailer and the show until the next episode arrives on the OTT Platform.

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