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Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date Updates

Konnichiwa Minna San. Hello everyone! If I take anime or manga into account, it’s not only popular in China but in the entire world, especially in Asia. The animated word surely is attractive. Why we all crave fantasy is because sometimes moving into the fancy world is healthy. Right? 

At Least I feel so after the daily mundane, the world of animation surely acts as a stress reliever. Even if you’re a grown adult, anime has no age constrictions. You can grow old and still can’t let go of them. Anyways enough of this. Let’s move into why you are here and reading this article now. 

The anime is often abbreviated into Shimoseka, adapted from a Japanese light novel, which made its debut in 2015. The summer anime has 12 episodes running for 23 mins each. The novel has 11 + 1 Volumes and the manga has 4 lists of volumes. Directed by Youhei Suzuki and written by Masahiro Yokotani, the anime was licensed by Madman Studio and Funimation. 

As you might be wondering while going through the article, when will she discuss the Season 2 Release Date? I am right about to do that now! Shinpai Shinai de! Just keep reading! 

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

The anime aired back in 2015. As we all know and can see it’s been 6 years already since we saw any official news of the release date of season 2. But again, the creators have not officially canceled the show but are silent for years now. 

Some of our sources heard that the thought of the comeback, back in 2020 and then again in 2021 was seen among the team. But the year went by, and we still don’t know what they decided upon. 

We can assume that the Covid 19 pandemic situation is the sole reason for the delay. 

The anime with a rating of 7.27 from MAL (My Anime List), and a 7 from IMDb we can well witness that its response is beyond average. Yes, the anime is pretty famous. 

Then what will fans expect? We are also on the same side as you. We can go by the fact that they may announce a release date by the end of 2022 or at the most 2024. Let’s wait and see what decision they make. 

The only assurance we can give is that since the review and rating is not bad the anime may return with season 2. But when? The official date has not been announced. So, stay connected, we will get back ASAP! 

Shimoneta Season 1 Release Date4 July 2015
Shimoneta Season 1 End Date19 September 2015
Shimoneta Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Shimoneta Season 2 Expected Story

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

If we check the data then we can see that the author wrote and published 11 volumes of the light novel. And most importantly the 8 volumes of the novel series were completed by him, back in 2016. 

This is a matter of real concern. As most of the anime was covered within these volumes. So, enough source material is not there for the team to work on Season 2. Even if the fans’ demand reaches sky height and the makers too show an interest to carry on with the show, they can’t because of the lack of story. 

Long story short, if the writer thinks about extending the story by writing and then publishing more volumes of the novel. Then only the creators can think about a new season. Chances of this being one of the reasons for the delay of season renewal can be assumed. 

As I say, let’s pray and hope for the best to happen. Meanwhile, I will share a short synopsis of the anime. 

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Shimoneta Season 1 Story

The show opens in the dystopian future, Japan in 2030. With the introduction of the new law, the government has passed new rules where citizens are barred from using risqué languages and lewd and obscene stuff. The nation has taken a plague of chaste citizens living in Japan. The authorities keep them in check by tracking the special devices worn by everyone around their neck. 

Okuma is a son of an infamous terrorist who joins an elite school just with the hope to reunite with his long-time crush. Little does he know that she is a member of an organization that distributes obscene stuff and materials in a form of protest against the authority. When he is forced to join this organization called SOX, what will become of him? 

Watch this comedy, eichi school drama that will make your stomach ache and tears will roll down your eyes with its humor and funny scenes and dialogues.  

A slight warning for the viewers: Elements of nudity are present in the anime. Watch at your own discretion. 

Where To Watch Shimoneta Season 2?

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

You can watch the show now on Netflix and Funimation

I have shared the trailer of the anime for you to log into. Go and give this one a watch. I can guarantee you that you will enjoy this one for sure. The laughter, fun, and excitement will surely make you all giddy.

Sayonara! Watch! Rewatch! Binge Watch! As you wait for the new season. 

Happy Watch! 

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