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10 Shows Like Warrior Nun That You Can Watch

Warrior Nun is a Netflix original film about a young deceased orphan who wakes up alive and well, with superpowers and the world as her oyster. The Order of the Cruciform Sword, however, has other plans for her.

Warrior Nun is great for several reasons: it has a strong young female lead character, it’s packed with action, and there are mysterious evil forces lurking around. A little romance and the formation of friendships are the icings on the cake. Fortunately, there are a plethora of other TV shows that check at least a few boxes on that list and will help to alleviate the wait for the highly anticipated season 2.


Superstition is a 2017 mystery drama that was released. Because it was not a huge success, it was never renewed for a second season. On the surface, the Hastings family operates a funeral home and manages the cemetery. The entire town is eerie and mysterious.

They are, however, in charge of far more sinister and creepy matters. There are demons in their town, and they appear to be complicit. When a supernatural entity murders several members of their community, the family is forced to take action.

Superstition is any belief or practice that non-practitioners believe to be irrational or supernatural, attributed to fate or magic, perceived supernatural influence, or fear of the unknown. It is commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, amulets, astrology, fortune-telling, spirits, and certain paranormal entities, particularly the belief that specific (apparently) unrelated prior events can foretell future events.


Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen has more in common with Warrior Nun than meets the eye. Both series are concerned with morality and power structures in society.

Watchmen, like Warrior Nun, take real-world Church events and spin them into a dramatic story. It’s not just about vigilantes battling bad guys: politics play a significant role in the plot.

Watchmen is a 2009 American superhero film based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ 1986–1987 DC Comics limited series of the same name. Zack Snyder directed the film, which stars Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Patrick Wilson.

The movie is a darkish and dystopian deconstruction of the superhero genre, set in an exchange record in 1985, at the peak of the Cold War among the USA and the Soviet Union, as a collection of basically retired American superheroes investigates the homicide of certainly considered one among their personal earlier than uncovering a complex and lethal conspiracy, whilst their ethical boundaries are examined with the aid of using the complexities of the circumstances.

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Misfits is a television show about five teenagers, each of whom has a unique superpower. They, like Ava, are from marginalized groups. They must decide what to do with their powers: continue living the life they desired, use them for selfish reasons, or help make the world a better place?

It took Ava half a season to realize her powers were being squandered on wanderlust and adolescent love. These guys, on the other hand, do not see the world in black and white the way Ava and the OCS do.

Misfits is a British science-fiction comedy-drama television show that airs on E4 about a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program where they acquire supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina Spellman from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is more confident and grounded than Ava, but her arrogance got her in trouble. Both series rely heavily on their young female protagonists, who both have supernatural abilities.

Despite her half-witch status, she makes time for love and romance. This series is thus very similar to Warrior Nun: it’s action-packed, has a strong female lead, and is full of comedy and romance.

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Supergirl is a great choice for those who want more than just a season or two of a new show because it has five seasons. The best episodes are ranked similarly to Warrior Nun’s season 1 episode. Both shows are in the same genre, with a little bit of action and a lot of Sci-Fi.

After receiving a series commitment in September 2014, the series was officially picked up on May 6, 2015, and received a full-season order on November 30, 2015. The CW has aired the series since the second season.

Critics have given the show generally positive reviews, praising the creative direction, performances, and themes addressed. The CW renewed the series for a sixth season in January 2020, which premiered on March 30, 2021, and served as the series’ final season.

Sex Education

Those who loved Ava’s interactions together along with her friends and the romantic drama with JC will consume Sex Education in a count number of days. It’s binge-able, lighthearted, and funny, however, it additionally tackles a few tough adolescent troubles like bullying, substance abuse, and heartbreak.

Despite her willpower to escape with JC, Ava realized midway through the season that she had larger fish to fry. Those who have been disappointed with the final results of the election can discover solace in Sex Education.

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Dark is suggested for lovers of complicated storylines and Sci-Fi concepts. It calls for extra interest to element than Warrior Nun and can’t be eaten up all at once. Some episodes require the 2nd viewing, especially if you are the form of viewer who loves to play together along with your tele-cell smartphone even as the display is gambling withinside the background.

The suggests percentage numerous themes, the maximum outstanding of that are parallel universes and the query of existence after death.

Dark (T.V. Series) obtained important approval for its tone, visuals, acting, casting, musical score, and narrative ambition and complexity. Dark became named the 58th great TV collection of the twenty-first century through BBC Culture in 2021.


Crazyhead, a horror collection that alas best had one season in 2016, is ready to demon-combating women of the identical age as Ava from Warrior Nun. They are endearing, charming, and fearsome all at an identical time.

Because it’s miles set withinside the United Kingdom, the humor is normally British. While many Warrior Nun lovers have been dissatisfied with the screenplay, the writing is one of the display’s most powerful points. Warrior Nun’s computer graphics have been disappointing, however, do not worry: Crazyhead fared an awful lot better.

Crazyhead (formerly referred to as Crazy Face) is a comedy horror tv collection created through Howard Overman, who additionally serves as a govt manufacturer together along with his business enterprise Urban Myth Films.

The six-element collection premiered on E4 withinside the United Kingdom on October 19, 2016, and on Netflix across the world on December 16, 2016. The display is co-produced through Channel four and Netflix and is shot in Bristol.

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The Order

Fans of The Order of the Cruciform Sword squad will clearly help the call of the sports society in The Order. This supernatural series is also about teens suffering from mysterious forces of evil. The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose is the decision of the order in query.

They are not nuns, but, but witches and wizards. Instead of coping with demons, the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose battles werewolves known as the Knights of Saint Christopher. Each has its non-public set of advantages and disadvantages.

Dennis Heaton created The Order, a horror drama streaming television series written through manner of the method of Heaton, Shelley Eriksen, Rachel Langer, Jennica Harper, Penny Gummerson, and Jason Filiatrault. On March 7, 2019, Netflix released the number one episode of the gathering. Jake Manley, Sarah Grey, Matt Frewer, Sam Trammell, Katharine Isabelle, and Max Martini are well-known characters withinside the show. When the number one season was released, it obtained high-quality reviews.

It was delivered in March 2019 that the gathering became renewed for a 10-episode second season, which can maximum green on June 18, 2020. After seasons, the show was canceled in November 2020. This does now not sit down nicely with me.

I Am Not Okay With

This is some other display approximately a youngster eager with telekinetic capabilities just like Ava’s. The characters are further angst-ridden and battle to in shape. Sydney Novak, the principal character, is a younger female whose father has these days died. She is likewise managing the reality that she weigh down is courting the excessive faculty jock and that she possesses superpowers. Ava, too, became, first of all, stressed through her capabilities. Being a superhero is not easy.

This isn’t always perfect for me. This is an American coming-of-age black comedy streaming tv collection primarily based totally on Charles Forsman’s comedian e-book of the identical call. Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff, who formerly labored collectively withinside the horror movies It (2017) and It: Chapter Two (2019), in addition to Sofia Bryant and Kathleen Rose Perkins, super megacelebrity withinside the collection.

The collection premiered on Netflix on February 26, 2020, to high-quality reviews, with precise rewards for Lillis and Oleff’s performances. Despite having been renewed for a 2nd season, Netflix canceled the display in August 2020, citing “situations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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