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Sing 3: Still No Announcement About The Release Date!

It’s been more than six months since we had the previous chapter in the franchise. Fans are excited about Sing 3 but there seems to be no information available about it.

Sing is a very happy and entertaining franchise where we see the characters constantly battling with different challenges. Irrespective of all the problems and hardships they face, the characters emerge strong. Apart from entertaining, the content of this franchise is also very inspirational. No wonder why this franchise is loved a lot by children as well as adults.

Sing 3 Release Date

The first movie of the franchise was shot in 2016. The second movie received an upgrade in 2017 and was released in 2021.

While the audience cannot wait for the release of Sing 3, the production team also keeps testing their patience by not announcing anything. Unfortunately, we still don’t have anything available about Sing 3. The production team is yet to announce the release date for part three. If we try to make an estimate, we can say that if the production team of the movie continues making the third movie this way, we might have the official announcement in the first half of 2023 or even in the latter half.

If everything goes well and the production team is going well at its pace, then Sing 3 might be announced in 2024 and it might release in 2026. Well, even if everything goes fast, the movie still has a lot of time before its release which comes as a disappointment for the fans.

For more precise information, we will have to wait for the official announcement by the makers of the franchise. Till then, all that we can do is wait patiently and watch the previous seasons.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that all those videos on YouTube which claim to be the official trailer of Sing 3 are fake ones. We have nothing available yet about the making or release of the movie. There are no official trailers available as of now. They will be available once the making of the movie starts, which is not anytime sooner.

Name of the MovieSing
Part NumberPart 3
GenreMusic, Children’s Film
Sing Release Date21 December 2016
Sing 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Sing 3 Overview

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Sing 3 Plot

Sing 3 Release Date

In Sing 2, we saw that Buster and his company arrive in Redshore City for their show. Their performance is not found very appealing by the chairman of the industry, Jimmy Crystal. On the other hand, Gunter is caught up promoting a different show with Clay Calloway. Now who is Clay and how does he come into the picture? Well, he is a long-forgotten musician who went under the covers for some reason and didn’t appear for the last 15 years.

After he finds the performance impressive, Crystal gives the green signal to the program. He asks the crew to start with the production and get everything finished within the deadline. After getting directions from Crystal, the team begins to work.

Buster stumbles upon some challenges while pursuing his passion but makes it anyway to the end. Now as the movie approaches the end, it shows that a very famous theatre shows interest in the performance. The ending very clearly indicates that we are going to have another movie in the franchise.

What we expect to see in Sing three is that we might see Buster and his group hitting the road for their performance in the theatre. We might also see Buster moving heavens and earth to make the show a success in a different city.

Whatever problems exist between Ash and Meena, they might persist and Crystal may again start pestering Buster. Also, we expect Buster to exhibit his skills in how he wonderfully manages to come over any problem that life throws at him.

Sing 3 Characters

All voice artists are likely to play the same characters they played in previous movies. Matthew McConaughey will voice the lead character, Buster Moon. Reese Witherspoon will voice the character of Rosita. Ash’s character will be voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

Taron Egerton will voice Johnny and Jimmy Crystal’s character will be played by Bobby Cannavale. Nick Kroll will be responsible for voicing the character of Gunter. Pharrell Williams will voice Alfonso. Porsha Crystal’s character will be voiced by Halsey.

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