Sistas Season 5 Release Date And Spoilers

The show is quite famous and won the hearts of many audiences. The show has been releasing its new season one after the other, jolting the audience with its stories. The series first premiered on BET on October 23rd, 2019. The series is written and produced by Tyler Perry. Till now the series has aired 3 seasons. Now if you’re wondering about the fourth, keep reading.

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Sistas Season 5 Release Date

Well, yes! Season 4 has not been canceled. It’s still on the air, with its first season airing on 5th January 2022. The first episode aired on 5th January. And the second one is to air on 12th January 2022. So yeah, the season is not canceled. It will continue to air its episodes like before. Tie your seat belts cause the show is about to start. BET+ will premiere this one too. The fourth season has a very low reading, it’s only 5.3 by IMDb. The season made its way to BET at 9 p.m. EST. Sistas Season 5 Release Date has not been announced yet, as the series is not renewed as of now from the side of the makers.

Sistas Season 4 Story

Season 4 will pick up from where the last one ended. Here you will see what happens after Zac confesses that he is the father. Andy and Danni start a new relationship and Chris investigates Zac. While, on the other hand, Karen finds out that she is pregnant. Will this newly found pregnancy get in the way? What will happen next? Will Zac stay loyal in his relationship? This one is sure to get quite complex and the weather will be quite rough. Don’t let go of your anchor while you watch. 

Sistas Season 3 Recap

Season 3 has 22 episodes. You will get to see a lot of relationships falling apart and rebuilding. The situation is about to get messy as Andi gets involved with both Fatima and Karen. While the duo wants to get on with Zac. Later Zac reveals who he really cares for. Whereas Andi tries to stay out of this love triangle. The four will have a lot of complications, which will keep you on edge. 

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Sistas Season 1 Story

Sistas Season 4 Release Date

The story follows the lives of four black women who question their relationship status. The complicated lives of the four young girls are seriously very intriguing. Their endless love life, complications, plot twist, and melodrama are a must-watch for all rom-com lovers. Find out what happens to these girls. Will they enjoy these chaotic relationships or their single life was much better? I am not going to reveal more than this. So, no Spoiler! Enjoy the series while you sit with a cup of steaming hot coffee this winter.

Prime has rated the season 4.5/5. The series is by Tyler Perry, also known for some of his greatest works. Do watch the story of these four girls and their friends. 

Sistas Season 5 Cast

Sistas Season 4 Release Date

The series features; Mignon, KJ Smith, Novi Brown, Ebony Obsidian, and Devale Ellis. As of now, Season 5 cast has not been finalized as the series is not renewed yet.

Sistas Season 5 Where To Watch?

Watch the series premiered by BET. You can watch the show here. You can also stream the seasons on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu but you may need to rent. 

That’s all folks. Enjoy this lovely drama by BET. Don’t miss the trailer! If you haven’t watched the series yet, go and stream now. Start watching from season 1, till the fourth season updates. 

Bye for now! We will meet soon, as I come with the new updates! 

Happy Watch! 

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