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Sister Wives Season 18 Release Date And What To Expect?

Polygamy, seeing this word, what was the first thought in your brain? NO DOUBT! It would be something negative, no one in society sees it as a positive practice. Polygamy is a way of living in which a man is allowed to have multiple wives, it is usually practiced in Jewish and Islamic culture, but cannot be seen much these days. A show came out on 26th September 2010, today famously known as the SISTER WIVES, portraying a Jewish family that goes along with polygamy.

The brown family, with Kody brown as the male member and his four wives namely, Christine, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri along with their 18 children. Initially, the series was started to show that polygamy is not as negative as people think and to battle with social preconceptions about the same.

They started filming their day-to-day lives while they were residing in Lehi, Utah, Western United States, in 2011 they moved their permanent residence to Las Vegas. When the show became to gain popularity, it started to stream as American TV series in 2010. The drama cum series was unexpectedly trending after coming out of its first several episodes.

The show is known to have 17 seasons and people loved the way polygamy was depicted. After gaining popularity, the family also objected and challenged the criminal laws of polygamy in Utah. Though critics gave mixed reactions to the series, it took the attention of viewers from all around the world. The audience of the show was seen increasing with every released episode.

Sister Wives has also been nominated for some esteemed awards in well-known award shows, such as in 2012 and 2011, it was nominated for Best Reality Series at Critics Choice Television Awards. To know more about the show and release date of the latest season let us dive into the further article!

Sister Wives Season 18 Release Date

Woefully, there is No Information on the release date for season 18 of the show Sister Wives posted by the official production team, though the shooting for the 18th season has started, viewers can expect the season release to be confirmed soon. The official sources expressed that the show is on the horizon, this is a piece of great news for the fans who are eagerly waiting for the next season. The latest particulars about the release date will be updated on our websites as soon the official dates come out, stay tuned to our website for the newest facts and details.

Sister Wives Season 18 Story

With Christine leaving the family last year and her daughter Mykelti Padron pregnant, Season 18 can take turns anywhere, the show is episode-based and it is confirmed that the shooting of the latest season is underway, maybe Christine would return to the show for good. Fans are excited to see the gender of baby Mykelti. As there are numerous directions in which the drama can turn and with no official information being released by the show team, no further predictions can be made about the content of the newest Season.

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Sister Wives Season 18 Cast

Sister Wives Season 18 Release Date
Sister Wives Season 18 Cast

Kody Brown, the central figure of the show, has four wives, his first wife was Meri, whom he married in 1990, and they both have one kid, named Leo. He then married Janelle in 1993, thirst wife Christine, and his fourth wife Robyn, whom he married after divorcing his first wife. Altogether they have 18 children. In the latest season of the show that is Season 18, the same cast is expected to be seen, additionally, a new member can be seen, the baby of Mykelti, or the grandchild of Kody Brown. As Christine left the show in the last episode, there is no update if she will return on not, as of now cast expectations can be the same as earlier.

Sister Wives Season 18 Teaser: Christine Controversy Cleared

Sister Wives Season 18 Release Date

Earlier episodes left the reason unclear for Christine leaving the show, with the new episode, it will become clearer why Christine was compelled to leave Kody, with whom she had been married for years. In one of the pieces of information by the production team, it is revealed that Christine was not feeling equal among the wives, according to her Robyn was given more importance, due to which she faced some emotional challenges and felt disconnected from her husband. The latest season will show how other sister wives cope with Christine leaving them, for more details we have to wait for the proper release of the Season.

With the popularity came the rumors, that the show Sister Wives is scripted, to make it clear, Janelle said in an interview, that it is not, it is a pure picture of the insides of their family. They are providing our audiences with clarification of another rumor that aired after season 16, related to the 5th wife of Kody, Will Kody Marry’s 5th Wife? THE ANSWER IS TOTALLY NO!, Kody himself put a stop to the rumors making it clear to the viewers that there is no such possibility left.

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Sister Wives Season 18 Recap

Sister Wives Season 18 Release Date
Sister Wives Season 18

Season 16 had 10 episodes in total, recapping episode 10th for knowing the whole story of season 16, the episode started with depicting some joy among the family members for celebrating their birthday of Ariella. Kody also posed some strict restrictions on the family due to covid pandemic, which became the cause for both small and big disagreements. The family was seen struggling with the ways to handle the situation of the covid pandemic. Kody commanded all his wives to stay away from each other and also distanced himself from his wives and children.

Kody also put restrictions on his sons, Kody became too much problematic as he is short-tempered, he felt that his sons are not respecting him, and his wives said respect is a two-way street. In the last episode, some problems started to occur between Christine and Kody, though they were not so serious at that time. Due to Christine’s insecurities and repeated threats of leaving the marriage, Kody confessed that he no longer desire to have an intimate wedding with her. Kody was shocked when Christine first talked about leaving the family, he said that he did not know, Christine was this serious. Janelle also thought of exiting the marriage as all the children are grown up now and no longer need financial support, she also saw her marriage fainting over the years. 

The rumors also aired that in season 17, Kody would be looking for new wives, though he had already chosen his favorite wife Robyn, he wanted another sister’s wife who would adjust to the idea of Robyn being his favorite one.

Season 17 again bought some glimpse of happiness, when Mykelti gave birth to her first child, a daughter whom she named Avalon, the childbirth bought Christine back with the family, though for a short period. Though the argument between Kody and Christine continues, she was upset and angry when Kody did not come to visit Ysabel, when she was undergoing her surgery. The season also showed Christine’s house, where she was living alone, Christine talked about how happy she was holding her granddaughter, she expressed that Avalon looked just like her father Tony, who became more responsible after the birth of Avalon and started giving proper time to his family. In episode 5th of season 17, Meri and Kody faced quite an argument when Kody said her some work, though the family unites again at the graduation party of Ysabel.

Janelle decided to move into an RV and she bought it, she asked Kody to move the RV, and Kody seemed a bit pissed off, as this work was becoming a headache for him. Meri was also facing ups and down in her personal life, her mother passed away and she was coping with the loss. Janelle after some months faced the housing crisis, as she was about to be homeless, she was more worried as nobody cared for her situation. At last, all were singing and dancing again at the party, Christine threw as her daughter was moving to college in North Carolina, all children enjoyed themselves together, wished good luck to Ysabel, and had a fun night together, they all were glad to see the family at one pace together and happy.

Where To Watch Sister Wives Online?

Various Television Channels along with many online platforms, provide interesting series and shows to watch. You can watch Sister Wives’ latest series on such online platforms.

Sister Wives, the most trending show of today’s time premiers on the American TV Channel TLC, all the episodes including the latest one can be watched on the Channel, another platform where you can watch the entertaining Show is YouTube, it also telecasts every episode of every season, full episodes are also available on YouTube.

Well, after reading the whole article, I hope it gave some clarity about the latest details of the newest season of Sister Wives, for more information, stay tuned to our website.

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