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Slumberland Release Date Is Finally Here!

Slumberland, the soon-to-be-released film has been one of the films that all the fans and viewers have been looking forward to. Directed by the maker of some famous creations like Hunger games, Constantine, I Am Legend, and Red Sparrow, the maker being Francis Lawrence has been written by David Guion, and Michael Handelman who are popularly known for their work in Night at the Museum: The Secret Tomb. The film is a fantasy movie with magical and adventurous content that will make you go in awe with all the effects and scenes that have been made for the film.

The film is quite an anticipated project to watch Jason’s new avatar and also the story which looks mesmerizing on screen. Because of this, we understand that many fans and viewers who are interested in the film have been waiting for announcements and updates on the film. And guess what we have got the most exciting update for you all. So, start reading to know what we mean.

Slumberland Release Date

Slumberland Release Date

The film that has been the talk of the town, especially among Jason Momoa’s fans is finally ready to be released. The makers and the distributor have made the official announcement on the release date of the film. Without taking much time we will tell you the date. The film is all set to be dropped on November 18, 2022, which is actually not that far. So, mark the date on your calendar, manage the schedule accordingly, and set reminders on your devices about the release so that you do not miss the first day’s first watch experience.

Name Of The ShowSlumberland
Season NumberSeason 1
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Slumberland Release Date18 November 2022

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Slumberland Story

The high-budget film by Francis Lawrence named Slumberland is based on Winsor McCay’s comic strip called Little Nemo in Slumberland. The film focuses on a girl aged 11 named Nema who is on an adventurous trip to a place called Slumberland in her dreams. She has lost her father who used to tell her stories before bed and one day introduced her to Slumberland where whatever you wish for will happen. After the death of her father, she started living with her uncle who is the polar opposite of her father. Nema following her father’s demise gets a way to visit this dreamy land when she sleeps. In this land, she meets a peculiar human cum monstrous creature named Flip. He becomes her friend and they go on an adventurous journey to fulfill Nema’s wish of meeting her father again once. To find out what all adventures they experience and whether she will be able to get her father back or not with Flip then make sure to watch the movie on the day of its release without fail.

Slumberland Cast

Slumberland Release Date

The cast of the fantasy movie which is going to be on the screens soon includes popular and talented actors of the industry who have played some of the most famous and memorable roles in the industry. The list of cast includes Jason Momoa playing the role of Flip, Marlow Barkley playing the role of Nema, Kyle Chandler playing Nemo, and Weruche Opia playing Agent Green. Apart from them, the movie will also include actors India de Beaufort, Humberly Gonzalez playing Graciela, Tonya Cornelisse as Agent Red, Ava Cheung playing Ho Sook, Sergio Osuna playing Manager, Michael Blake playing the Accountant, Jamillah Ross playing Agent Orange, Cameron Nicoll playing Young Philip, Luxton Handspiker playing Matt, Leslie Adlam playing agent Brown, Katerina Taxia playing Janice, Owais Sheikh playing Frank and Chris O’Dowd.

Slumberland Trailer

Want to see some scenes of the movie, haven’t watched the trailer yet? Then do not worry because we will give you all the details about the trailer. The movie teaser and the trailer are available on the official YouTube channel of Netflix. So, go watch it now, to find out about the movie in brief and what you can expect from the movie. The trailer starts with a story that seems to become a reality. The girl lands in the world of dreams which is called the Slumberland. The trailer gives a glimpse into the adventures that are going to take place in the movie. So, watch it, start experiencing the movie in bits and pieces and get prepared.

Where To Watch Slumberland Online?

Finally, the most important information with which we will sign off is the place where you can watch the fantasy movie. The movie will be made exclusively available on the OTT platform Netflix. So, add the film to your list and also hit the bell to get notified the moment the movie is released to get the fresh hand experience without any spoilers.  

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