12 Smartest Characters In Death Note!

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Death Note created by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata is a Japanese manga series written by Ohba. The plot revolves around Light Yagami, an adolescent intellectual who uncovers a secret book known as the “Death Note,” which once belongs to the Shinigami Ryuk and provides the bearer the superhuman power to kill anybody whose name is engraved in its pages.

The show follows Light’s multiple attempts, under the assumed identity of a god-like vigilante named “Kira,” to even use the Death Note to undertake out a global mass killing of individual people he considers inhumane in addition to creating a crime-free civilization, as well as the attempts of a privileged Japanese security services task force headed by enigmatic detective L to detain him.

The remarkably intelligence of Death Note‘s core protagonists, Light Yagami, possessor of a mystical death-dealing book, as well as those who whether assist or want to catch him, primarily L, Near, and Mello, is indeed the secret to the series’ popularity. They’re all playing mind games with one another, but who was the sharpest of all of them?

1. L

Smartest Characters In Death Note

Perhaps L is wiser than light or conversely has always been a point of contention. The designers specifically set up the other two as the very first part of the show’s Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, so putting them essentially equivalent was crucial for drama and tension.

He quickly associates Light with Kira, causing Light to continuously deflect attention off from him until L tries to conceal his actual self — a fight he fails, showing him right. Light, in just about any event, looks to outsmart him in the final.

Far more than Light Yagami, L is easily the most popular and adored protagonist in the franchise. He is now the only individual who has been capable of competing with Kira and coming close to winning. His personality is odd and enigmatic; he is incredibly intelligent and speaks through his aide, Watari. Light Yagami is revealed to be the serial killer known as Kira by L. The entirety of the story revolves around L and Light playing a cat-and-mouse chase in which Light attempts to maintain L from getting on to him and uncovering L’s true identity so that he can finally murder his foe.

2. Stephen Gevanni

Smartest Characters In Death Note

Stephen is among the SPK’s most attractive members. Even when his other colleagues are dropping like flies, his powerful features are complemented by a powerful intellect and steadfast dedication to his group.

Stephen is the SPK’s expert rogue, capable to infiltrate any location and fake documents to a significant level of convincingness. The best example of these abilities is when he copies a Death Note in one night. “The Kira case couldn’t be resolved without him,” Death Note 13: How to Read asserts.

3. Halle Lidner

Smartest Characters In Death Note
Halle Lidner in Death Note

Halle, another SPK member, has a background as a Secret Service agent, which makes her an effective protector. This signifies that her mental ability allows her to analyze and respond fast, allowing her to expand her thinking. Despite the fact that she works with Near, she is a superb double-agent.

Halle’s discernment enables her to operate for both parties to accomplish the higher purpose while Near and Mello strive to apprehend Kira. She is able to keep an eye on Mello mainly without the awareness of the experienced investigator and make assumptions about his behavior that nobody else can.

4. Light Yagami

Smartest Characters In Death Note
Light Yagami in Death Note

Light is becoming the world’s most powerful adolescent after being given the ability to kill whomever he wishes by putting their identity in a Shinigami book. Not only because of his dominant strength, and also because he’s been able to use it for so long without even being discovered.

Light considers himself to be even more godly following slaying L. Near, his newfound opponent, is finally able to use the exchanging of bogus Death Notes to push Light and his associates off one another. Even still, only a few people have IQs as devilishly brilliant as Lights.

Light is clearly astute since he ends up making Kira a global celebrity until his demise. Light outwits the Kira Inquiry at each and every turn, devising lengthy schemes that come off exactly for how skilfully he has used the process to his advantage. However, more and more triumphs Light accumulates, the bigger his pride becomes. By the end of the episode, Light has become too engrossed in his own madness to notice when he is about to fall into this trap. However, till then, he’s nothing less of brilliant.

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5. Near

Smartest Characters In Death Note
Near in Death Note

While they all had their doubts, Near is one of only Death Note’s triad of teenage investigators who can prove Light’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because he is a youngster, Near’s intelligence is often masked by his passion for toys and angelic appearance.

What appears to be carefree enjoyment, though, conceals a brain that is continuously humming. Near’s concentration is razor-sharp rather than diverted, and he doesn’t become just as comfortable with his objective as L did. In the ending, why does Obata believe Near is the cleverest? “Since he’s a liar.”

With the exception of L, Near is the show’s sharpest character – even smarter than his companion, Mello. Near went all the way to the finale, except without the assistance of L and Mello, he likely would have not caught Light or gotten far as he went.

Near, on the other hand, takes in as the new L and outsmarts Light, revealing his real identity as Kira. He eventually figures out who Light’s agent is and sets them both up in a trap. Near is a powerful opponent, regardless of his early age and obsession with toys.

6. Mello

Mello in Death Note

Becoming the second-smartest youngster at Wammy’s House (following L’s death) was indeed an unacceptable insult for Mello. The orphan, due to his inexperience, is unable to see that he still is one of the world’s sharpest youths and declined to join hands with Near.

Mello, on the other hand, chooses to follow Kira beyond the law, and while he lost the race against his adoptive “brother,” he eventually figure out is that Misa Amane is a false Kira and also that Light is indeed the new “L” and most likely the genuine Kira.

Mello and Near did grow up competing with each other for the chance to advance L. Mello is an odd character who is hardly seen outside of his signature chocolate bar. Mello used to be a mafia member, but he also would have his own Death Note to kill individuals all along the road. Despite Mello’s cooperation and guidance, he doubts that might have been able to capture Light. Although his premature death, he proves to be a great resource in the pursuit of Kira’s justice.

7. Anthony Rester

Anthony Rester in Death Note

To supplement the unsuccessful Japanese Police Unit established up to counter the enigmatic terrorist Kira — aka, Light — the FBI and CIA join together to form the Special Arrangement for Kira team, which will be overseen by Near. Near’s Number 2 is Anthony.

Although he was not the cleverest person of the exclusive gang — or of Death Note in general — being Near’s most trustworthy best candidate makes a big difference. Not only does Anthony have a complete briefing from Near, but he’s also the sole SPK member who hides away from Kira.

8. Watari/Roger Ruvie

Watari/Roger Ruvie in Death Note
Watari/Roger Ruvie in Death Note

Watari and Roger are indeed the Alfreds to L’s Batman, as well as Mello, Near, Matt, and Beyond Birthday, Wammy’s House’s in-house investigators. The British gentlemen leverage their fortune to provide a home for gifted, homeless children, and Alfred’s abilities go beyond buttling.

Watari is the young sleuth’s most trustworthy companion while helping L. Roger fills Watari’s footsteps for L’s succession since both of them die. As elusive as they are, one fact is certain: to teach the world’s best investigators, one must be a real intelligent cookie.

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9. Reiji Namikawa

Reiji Namikawa in Death note

Namikawa is a part of the evil Yotsuba Group, Death Note’s own version of the apocalypse’s 8 messengers. These enterprise moguls want to utilize the Death Note for homicidal industry espionage, and Namikawa is the smartest of all of them.

Namikawa, a Harvard graduate and professional Shogi (Japanese chess) player, once deceived Light (as L) into providing him with crucial data. He’s like a Japanese Lex Luthor, with his creepy charisma and strong business intellect.

10. Teru Mikami

Teru Mikami in Death Note

A criminal lawyer, Mikami turns judge, jury, and executioner when given the opportunity to be the Hands of Kira by his idol, Light. As Near begins to surround Light, Mikami uses a unique Death Note than Light’s to divert distract from the actual Kira.

Mikami’s sharp intelligence could be discerned even before he was supernaturally augmented by Shinigami Eyes. He might have done whatever he desired if he hadn’t been pulled to Kira’s disastrous objective, as evidenced by his ability to pass for the actual thing.

Teru Mikami was a fervent Kira follower who even took on the role of Kira at one time. He also was a criminal lawyer who, at one point, collaborated with Light in order for Light to protect his identity by using Teru as a victim. Teru was chosen by Light because he believed in his instincts and intellect. He also admires Teru’s adoration of Kira as a Lord. Before going insane, Teru acted as Light’s Kira surrogate for a while.

11. Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada in Death Note

Before leaving to pursue his destiny as Kira, Light Yagami dated the very brilliant Kiyomi Takada briefly in university, which made it an easy decision for him when he needed a spokeswoman on national television.

Takada devotedly pursued Kira and rekindled her friendship alongside Light, enabling her to effectively take on the role of Kira while Light was under doubt. Takada stayed faithful to Kira and fell madly in love with the self-proclaimed god of death, forcing her to attempt suicide rather than divulge his mysteries when she was abducted.

12. Ryuk

Ryuk in Death Note

Ryuk isn’t exactly one of Death Note’s protagonists, but he’s also not an antagonist. He’s just saw a lot in his lifetime and understands more about the Death Note than anyone else in the story arc. Ryuk is also astute enough to still have frequent chats with Light while witnessing Kira’s ideology sweep the globe.

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