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Smother Season 3 Release Date Is Yet To Be Announced!

HIT RTE drama series Smother is to urge the 3rd season and it’s already started filming. This news was let progress actor Dean Fagan to Q102 breakfast hosts Venetia Quick and Aidan Cooney. Asked about his plans for 2022 Dean told them: “I’m near to fly bent on the west of eire to try and do some more filming… I’m undecided whether I should have said that?”

More than 330,000 viewers tuned certain the debut episode of Smother season at the beginning of the month. Former Coronation Street star Dean was seen turning up at Val Ahern’s door announcing himself as Finn the estranged son of her late husband Denis.

Manchester-born Dean revealed how he incorporates a body double for a few swimming scenes within the drama shot in Clare. Dean also told Q102 Breakfast with Aidan and Venetia: “The sea is cold, you forget the way to breathe. That’s why we crammed it all into someday. “We were told by the staff that we could only be in the sea for fifteen minutes at max. So we did 5 minutes here and there…If you look closer at the remainder, it’s not me within the swimming scenes but a body double”.

Smother Season 3 Release Date

Smother Season 3 Release Date
Smother Season 3

There isn’t an excessive amount of information about the disclosed date of season 3. Season 1 of Smother was aired on Alibi at 9 pm on Monday, 7th March 2021, and season 2 was aired on April 28th, 2022. So, nothing can be said about the release of the next season, but there are high chances of being released in 2023.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Smother Season 1 Release Date 7 March 2021
Smother Season 2 Release Date 28 April 2022
Smother Season 3 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Smother Season 3 Release Date

Smother Season 3 Story

A story about season 3 isn’t yet revealed. We are going to provide you with any updates we’ll get.

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 Smother Season 1 Story

 RTÈ’s drama Smother impressed viewers with its moody atmosphere, macabre mystery, and solid performance. However, like numerous thrillers and mysteries, the plot was intricate with alliances, secrets, and many characters playing a pivotal roles. In terms of the overall synopsis, Smother unfolds after Val Ahern’s husband, Denis, is found dead at the foot of a cliff near her home the morning after a family party.

Val begins to choose through the events of the previous night to look at Denis’s relationships together with his children, step-children, and his siblings to seek out who may need to be answerable for his brutal death. The deeper that the matriarch delves into her family’s secrets, the more she realizes how her late husband’s controlling and manipulative behavior has affected each member of the family in their way. However, the catalog of members of the family and complex plotting at play caused one social media user to jokingly say, “Jesus, the plot has more strands to that than an HSE vaccine procurement plan!”

Smother Season 3 Cast

Smother Season 3 Release Date
Smother Season 3

The most probable chance is that the old cast is engaged and some characters may be added or removed. Cast members of the first season are Dervla Kirwan as Val Ahern, Seána Kerslake as Grace Ahern, Niamh Walsh as Jenny Ahern, Gemma-Leah Devereux as Anna Ahern, Stuart Graham as Denis Ahern, Thomas Levin as Carl Jensen, James O’Donoghue as Calum Dwyer Speaking of her role as Val in Smother, Dervla Kirwan told us that playing the lead is amazing, and back in my home country! Val could be a complex character, I used to be drawn to her desire to take care of control of her family and her very toxic relationship with her husband, Denis, similarly because of the breakdown of that and the way it implodes. 

“The honesty of Smother made me attracted toward it. I’m not playing some hyper-vampish neurotic female. Val’s highly calculating and driven to regulate for fear of being exposed. All those lies, the happy family barbecues, parties, and pageant, there’s an extended thanks to falling within the eyes of the community.”

Where To Watch Smother 3 Online?

The first and second season was released on Peacock TV, so there’s a high probability of it getting aired on peacock.

Smother 3 Trailer

There is no info about its trailer I will be able to update it as soon as we discover anything about it. But watching the prior season, its trailer should be released around March of 2023.  

The season one trailer was released on 7th March 2021.

The season 2 trailer was released on 23rd March 2022.

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