Snowdrop Episode 10 Release Date And Updates!

This is an ongoing South Korean TV series. The series has aired 7 episodes till now. Each episode runs for 1hr and 30mins and is rated 8.6 by My Drama List and 8.8 by IMDb. The drama will have a total of 16 episodes. It made its first debut on 18th December 2021. This is a romantic, melodrama set in the political background. The series airs every Saturday or Sunday consecutively. The love at first sight romantic story will capture your heart. This has gained a fan favorites position and they are wondering about the next renewal. Well, keep reading to get the updates. 

Snowdrop Episode 10 Release Date

Snowdrop K-drama released its 7th episode on January 2nd, 2022. Episode 9 will be released on January 9th of 2022. Fans are anticipating whether the drama will keep on premiering the episodes one after the other. Worry not the drama will continue its premier. It’s very rare for K-dramas to stop midway. So, drum rolls please! Episode 10 is coming along on 15th January 2022. 5 users have already rated the drama 10/10 on MDL. If you haven’t yet started watching the drama, now is the right time. Go and watch the series now. Before that don’t forget to watch the trailer attached above. 

Snowdrop Season 1 Story


The drama is set in the backdrop of the 1987 Democratic Movement in South Korea. The drama narrates the story of a man who was against the dictatorship imposed on the people and escapes from the prison. The story then again moves forward as it shows a student finding a man covered in blood. He is none other than Im Soo Ho. Young Ro then hides him and takes him to her all-girls university. She keeps him hidden from the government who are trying to hunt him down. So, keeping him at her dorm would be safest for the duo. Under the strict surveillance a heart-touching romance starts between the two.

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What will happen when she learns about his past? Will they come together and save his countrymen or will their love story fall apart. Watch this drama to find out. This is not a political drama, but rather a romantic tale of two people who come together by coincidence or a chance meeting, leads them to fall for each other. Im Soo would have to travel back and save his countrymen. And also return to his sibling who are waiting for his return. Now Young-Ro have to let go her lover but will her heart let her part from him. She takes a drastic decision as she rejects her father’s will and joins hands with Im- Soo to save him and her friends.

Snowdrop Episode 10 Cast

 Snowdrop Episode 10 Release Date

You will get to see Kim Ji Soo, Jung Hae- In, Yoo In-Na and Jang Seung Jo. 

Snowdrop Episode 10 Where To Watch?

You can watch the drama on Disney+. It was made available to stream there for the audience. You can even try watching it on Dramacool. 

That’s all for now folks! Go watch the series after watching the trailer.

Happy Watch!

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