Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Updates Are Here

Who doesn’t like to watch Korean dramas, movies and of course read web novels or webtoons? For a very long time Korean movies, dramas, or webtoons have been entertaining a huge number of audiences from all over the world. So it also has one of the biggest fandoms in the world. If you haven’t watched it till now, then you should give it a try. So as a same if you love to read webtoons web novels and of course watching anime then you should read this article to know! A web novel named Solo Leveling is a perfect balance of action with fantasy. For the fans of Solo Leveling web novels or webtoons, so yes your favorite web novel might get an anime adaptation.

A South Korean web novel Solo Leveling, illustrated by Dubu (Redice Studio) whereas Chugong is an author of the web novel. South Korean web novel Solo Leveling published by D&C Media. The Solo Leveling was first serialized in the fiction platform KakaoPage (South Korea); Tappytoon (English); Pocket Comics (English); Piccoma (Japan); and Webnovel (English) and on digital platforms since July 25, 2016. Webnovel licensed the Solo Leveling to publish in English with the title Only I Level Up, which started on December 21, 2018, and concluded in the next year on June 24. From February 16, 2021, by Yen Press, this web novel was licensed and published in volumes. If you are also curious to know whether your favorite web novel Solo Leveling is getting an anime adaptation or not then read further articles to know!

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date
Solo Leveling Anime

Many of the Manga series or web novels have already got an Anime adaptation. And the craze of manga and anime series is high among viewers. So after looking at the popularity of the web novel Solo Leveling, the chances are high that it will get an anime adaptation very soon. And of course, readers of web novels are also demanding anime adaptation. Nowadays there are many rumors that this web novel will get an anime adaptation. Last year, in 2021 the Anime adaptation was expected to release. But now there are no updates about it. If you are also confused about whether Solo Leveling is getting anime adaptation or not, then we haven’t got any words from the creators of the author of the web novel about the Anime adaptation. It is also not confirmed whether the production has already started or not. So yes we have to wait for any confirmation updates.

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Solo Leveling Anime Story

Solo Leveling has a great plot or storyline. As the web novel, Solo Leveling has many volumes, so creators have enough content to adapt the web novel into an anime. So the plot is about fantasy with a combination of action. The storyline of Solo Leveling revolves around the world of hunters, humans who have magic abilities have to battle against the monster to protect the human race. Whereas a weak hunter named Sung Jinwoo has to struggle for his survival. If we get an anime adaptation of this web novel, then yes! It is going to be super fun to watch anime with the story. But there is no confirmation about the Anime adaptation, so we have to wait a little longer for any updates from the creators of the web novel.

Solo Leveling Anime Characters

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date
Solo Leveling Anime

The characters of the Solo Leveling blend with the storyline so perfectly that you will find it fun to read it. The characters of Solo Leveling are Sung Jinwoo (the main protagonist of Solo Leveling); Yoo Jinho (best friend of Sung Jinwoo and D-Rank Hunter); Sung Jinah (younger sister of Jinwoo); Park Kyung-Hye (mother of Jinwoo and Jinah); Lee Joohee(B-Rank Hunter); Cha Hae-in(S-Rank Hunter); Sung Il-Hwan (S-Rank Hunter); Thomas Andre (strongest Hunter of America); Go Gunhee (S-Rank Hunter); Goto Ryuji (strongest Hunter of Japan); Liu Zhigang (strongest Hunter of China); Lennart Niermann (strongest Hunter of Germany); Hwang Dongsoo (Korean-American S-Rank Hunter); Antares (king of dragons) and many more other characters.

Solo Leveling Anime Trailer

The teaser of Solo Leveling Anime has not been released until now. However, there are some rumors about the premiere date of the anime series. But nothing has been confirmed by the staff or author yet. So we’ve to wait a little more for any confirmation. You can watch this show officially on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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