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Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 134 Release Date: All You Need to Know!

The upcoming release of Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 134 has the fans thrilled. Jin-hyuk will come into his own when he reawakens Orun’s buried desire for smithing. But as usual, Jinhyuk always ever acts in his own best interests and never acts in the benefit of another person. When the dwarf gains the necessary abilities, Jinhyuk intends to have him build something.

The fantasy series’ story has advanced considerably given that Jinhyuk has reached a new tower. There would unavoidably be a new tower at some point in the story. Another reoccurring theme in the Mahwah is the arrival of a new place where the characters could grow.

Teresa may have changed, but we continued to receive to see her the center of attention for everyone in her immediate vicinity. The evil strength of the once-holy knight is more alluring than the ground old vanilla. She appears frequently since personalities like the twins and viewers of the drama series like her.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 134 Release Date

Chapter 134, Solo Max-Level Newbie, will be available at 12 am KST on January 7, 2024.

  1. Korean Standard Time- 7 January, 2024- 12:00 AM 
  2. Japanese Standard Time- 7 January, 2024- 12:00 AM
  3. Greenwich Mediterranean Time- 6 January, 2024- 3:00 PM
  4. Australian East Time- 7 January, 2024- 02:00 AM
  5. Philippines Standard Time- 6 January, 2024- 11:00 PM
  6. Pacific Daylight Time- 6 January, 2024- 8:00 AM
  7. Indian Standard Time- 6 January 2024- 8:30 PM

Story of Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 134

Orun will get totally engrossed in forging if Jin-hyuk is able to rekindle his latent passion in it. Conversely, Jinhyuk always acts independently and never acts in another person’s best interest.

This is the custom that he adheres to. He intends to assign the dwarf a job involving creation after he has honed his skills. After Jinhyuk shifted into a new tower, the plot of the fantasy series has undergone a significant new development.

The plot would eventually lead to the creation of a whole new structure. The setting up of a unique atmosphere where the characters might potentially grow over time is another recurring theme in the Mahwah. Even with her change, Teresa is still able to capture the interest of people in her near vicinity. The wicked power of the once-holy knight has significantly more attraction than regular vanilla. She appears frequently since she is admired by fans and characters such as the twins.

Recap of Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 133

Chapter 133 opens with Alice and Jinhyuk visiting the nation’s worst-rated dwarf smithing shop. Alice became quite agitated as soon as she entered the store in response to the shocked outside. The Vampiress found it hard to believe that Jinhyuk would pick a dubious shop with such a bad reputation.

Without giving any explanation, Jinhyuk asked her for a vintage wine bottle, which he intended to publicly promote. He started gushing over the bottle as soon as he saw it, claiming the store owner had fallen asleep and he had to take it down. In the next instant, the dwarf woke up from his nap and requested the bottle.

The dwarf in the next image is seen downing the bottle mindlessly and embracing their arrival with great enthusiasm. The dwarf was shocked when Jinhyuk invited him so he could arrange for items to be made. Jinhyuk produced something. Alice was the person who was astonished since this time it was an item from her collection.

In Chapter 134, Teresa and the two of them will visit the royal residence and meet Jinhyuk. The saintess with the heart of innocence was waiting for him with assistance on the final floor within the tower of sufferings. But even before they got there, a couple of her fans arrived up and started trespassing into her personal space, as if they didn’t care if she felt uncomfortable.

Characters of Solo Max Level Newbie

The characters are as follows- 

  1. Teresa Du Laurentia 
  2. Park Hana 
  3. Kang Jinhyeok
  4. Alice Von Ataraxia 
  5. Yuri Lee
  6. Jang Chul Sik 
  7. Jang Mina 

Where to Read Solo Max Level Newbie? 

This manga comic is available to read on Naver Webtoon


Where to read this manga comic?

It is available to read on Naver Webtoon.

How many chapters are released of this manga?

There are total 134 chapters released of this manga. 

Is this manga comic worth reading?

Yes, this manga comic is worth reading. 

What are the main characters of this manga? 

The main characters of this manga are- Jinhyeok, Yuri, Jang Chul Sik, Teresa Du Laurentia. 

When is this manga releasing ? 

This manga is releasing on 7 January, 2024. 


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