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Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 Release Date And What You Should Expect?

Solomon’s Perjury is a 2016 Korean Drama. This drama was released in the year of the Iconic K-drama and also made it into the most favorite drama on the list of K-drama lovers. 

This drama is based on the Japanese novel “Solomon no Gisho” by Miyuki Miyabe and the writer of this drama is Kim Ho Soo. Many fans of this drama are eagerly waiting to know more about its second season so let’s jump to the main topic without wasting our time. 

Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 Release Date 

Solomon's Perjury Season 2 Release Date

Solomon’s Perjury has many versions. The first version was released in 2015 which is the Japanese version. Solomon’s Perjury 1: Suspicion is a Japanese version that was first released after that, Solomon’s Perjury 2: Judgement was released on April 11, 2015. 

Name of the ShowSolomon’s Perjury
SeasonSeason 2
GenreThriller, Teen Mystery
Solomon’s Perjury Season 1 Release Date 16 December 2016
Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 Release Date Not announced

The Korean version of Solomon’s Perjury was released on December 16, 2016. The Japanese drama version of Solomon’s Perjury was released on October 3, 2021. After witnessing many Japanese versions of Solomon’s Perjury, fans are hoping to see another season of the Korean one. 

Well, the first season of Solomon’s Perjury ended long ago and till now we have not gotten a single announcement about the renewal of Solomon Perjury for a second season.

So we can assume that the Korean version is not going to have a second season and it has officially ended with only one season. As of there is no Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 Release Date.

Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 Story 

The first season of Solomon’s Perjury ended without any unanswered questions so it is not possible for us to assume the storyline for the second season. 

Moreover, the show is not officially renewed for another season which also indicates that there is not even a single piece of information about the second season’s storyline. 

Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 Cast 

Solomon's Perjury Season 2 Release Date

Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 doesn’t have any official star cast so now we can only give you information about the star cast of the first season. 

The cast of the first season of Solomon’s Perjury includes Kim Hyun Soo as Ko Seo Yeon, Jang Dong Yoon as Han Ji Hoon, Seo Ji Hoon as Bae Joon Young, Seo Young Joo as Lee So Woo, Cho Jae Hyun as Han Kyung Moon, Shin Se Hwi as Lee Joo Ri, Baek Chul Min as Choi Woo Hyuk, Woo Ki Hoon as Kim Min Suk, Ahn Sol Bin as Lee Yoo Jin, Kim So Hee as Kim Soo Hee, Ahn Seung Kyoon as Choi Seung Hyun, Seo Shin Ae as Park Cho Rong, Lee Do Gyeom as Lee Sung Min, Hak Jin as Kim Dong Hyun, Shin Eun Jung as Teacher Kim, Oh Yoon Hong, Ji E Suu as the homeroom teacher, Yoo Ha Bok as the principal, Ryu Tae Ho as the Vice Principal, Lee Ho Jae, Kim Yeo Jin as Seo Yeon’s Mother, Shim Yi Young as Detective Oh, Heo Jung Do as Reporter Park, Lee Gyung Sim as Joon Young’s Mother and more are there. 

Solomon’s Perjury Season 1 Recap 

Solomon’s Perjury depicts the story of a kid who mysteriously dies and everyone assumes that he commits suicide but his classmates try to uncover the real reason behind his death.

Lee So Woo is a student who gets bullied by one of the students at his school. One day Lee So Woo gets expelled from his school and mysteriously dies, his death looks like a suicide and the school authority also assumes that he committed suicide but his friends try to learn the real reason behind his death. They try to find out whether he committed suicide or it is pure murder. 

The first season of Solomon’s Perjury is very interesting and it will grab all your attention once you start watching it because the storyline is full of suspense. It also gives us the notion of how school bullies and pressure from the parent’s side can affect an individual to that level which makes that particular individual take such a big step and end his/her life within a few seconds. 

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Solomon’s Perjury Season 2 Trailer 

There is no official trailer for the second season. You can watch out the trailer for the first season on YouTube. 

Where To Watch Solomon’s Perjury Season 2?

You can watch the first season on Viki but the second season is not there as it is not yet aired. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Solomon’s Perjury based on a Japanese novel?

Yes, Solomon’s Perjury is based on a Japanese novel.

2. Is there any second season of Solomon’s Perjury?

No, the Korean version does not have a second season. 

3. What is the original network of Solomon’s Perjury?

The original network of Solomon’s Perjury is JTBC.

4. When was the first episode of this drama was released?

The first episode was aired on December 16, 2016. 

5. When did the first season end?

The first season ended on January 28, 2017.

6. How many episodes are there?

There are only 12 episodes. 

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