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Spy x Family Chapter 67 Release Date: Revealation Here!

Spy x Family is one of the most popular anime television series and also a manga which is written by Tatsuya Endo and the anime television series is written by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, the anime television series was aired on April 9, 2022, and it is ongoing and the manga has 9 volumes and its original running period is from March 25, 2019, to the present.

Spy x Family Chapter 67 Release Date

Spy x Family Chapter 67 Release Date
Spy x Family

Are you waiting for chapter 67? When do you think it will be released? Fans can not keep their patience, their patience is about to burst so without wasting your time let me give you good news, Spy × Family Chapter 67 will be released on 21st August 2022 at midnight (JST). Are you excited to read it? What are you expecting from this chapter?

Name of the MangaSpy x Family
Chapter NumberChapter 67
GenreAction, Comedy, Spy
Spy x Family Chapter 1 Release Date25 March 2019
Spy x Family Chapter 67 Release Date21 August 2022
Spy x Family Chapter 67 Overview

Spy x Family Chapter 67 Story

Chapter 67 will be another interesting chapter where we will get to know the true intention of some hidden shades of Melinda Desmond (Damian’s mother) and how Anya will plan to get close to Damian and become friends. We will see more of Loid’s mission and plotting of how Lord is going to play to complete his mission. Don’t forget to check out Chapter 67 at noon (JST) to know what happens next in the story. Will Anya be able to make friends with Damian and where Yor and Melinda’s friendship go?

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Spy x Family Chapter 67 Characters

Spy x Family Chapter 67 Release Date
Spy x Family

Loid Forger( Agent Twilight & Anya’s father ), Anya Forger ( Loid’s daughter ), Yor Forger ( Thorn Princess & Anya’s mother ), Bond Forger ( pet ), Damian Desmond, Donovan Desmond (Damian’s father), Melinda Desmond ( Damian’s mother), Becky Blackbell (Anya’s friend), Emile Elman (Damian’s friend), Ewen Egeburg (Damian’s friend).

Spy x Family Chapter 66 Recap

Yor tells Loid about her meeting with Melinda. Yor tells that she help a lady in the department store who turned out to be Damian’s mother Melinda. She played volleyball with them and after that join them for getting together. Melinda gave Yor a ride to home and in the car, Melinda said that their household staff said that Damian seems to enjoy his school maybe Anya and Damian are getting along with each other. Yor replies that yes, Anya also seems happy whenever she talks about Damian. Melinda with her strange expression said that hoped Anya and Damian stay as friends. Melinda gave Yor cakes and tea cakes to Anya. Yor describe Melinda as a strange nice person.

Loid starts being suspicious about this unexpected meeting of Yor and Melinda. He thought maybe Yor arranged this meeting and as Anya has telepathy power she knew what Loid thought and protect Yor by saying that it was her fault that she asked to buy her cakes and crunchy tea cakes and got trapped by rich people. By Anya’s statement, Loid got convinced that she can’t be suspect as he had already checked her background and she won’t be telling her meeting with Melinda to him. Loid think maybe it’s a setup by Melinda or His meeting with Donovan (Damian’s father) in the store creates suspense about him for which he might have used his wife to get him but it seems very hard for Loid to believe that Donovan will use his wife for something so fishy.

In meantime, Yor asks if it’s okay for her to join mommy get together with Melinda. Loid agree and said that she has a life apart from this fake family life where she is supposed to make friends and hang out and live her life. Loid thought it will be beneficial for his mission as Yor may bring some information for their outings and even if Yor gets into a dangerous situation with Melinda he will protect her. Loid create another plan along with the plan of Anya and Damian’s friendship. By this thought Anya gets shocked and thinks she has to make friends with Damian fast and first then Yor and Melinda as she thought if she wouldn’t be fast Loid will abandon her and she will again be abandoned. At night Anya tried to think of a plan but ended up sleeping.

The next day in school Becky comes up with a plan for how Anya and Damian can get close. She put a sandwich in Anya’s mouth and said she needs to bump Damian so that their lives become linked forever. However, Damian saw Anya coming toward him to bump and dodge Anya. After that Anya just spits her burger on Damian’s head and Damian gets angry and says she has to pay for her action. In the end, Becky and Anya try to run away from that situation.

Where To Read Spy x Family Chapter 67 Online?

You can read Spy × Family Chapter 67 on Manga plus and Viz.

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