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Spy X Family Episode 15 Release Date & Spoilers!

Anime has been gaining worldwide popularity full of adventure, suspense and action, which is eternally entertaining. Anime attracts and captivates kids and adults the most with its storyline and scenes which are beautifully illustrated.

Anime is a computer-based animated series in Japan. 

Spy X Family is a manga-based anime, an award-winning series. This anime has recently become very popular with its outstanding storyline. It has received love from fans and got 8.6 out of 10 on IMDB. 

Spy X Family is an action, comedy and spy-based anime. The anime is full of entertainment. Part 1 of the season has been completed, part 2 premiered first on October 1, 2022. The second part of the season is ongoing and has already released its 2 episodes. Episodes 13 and 14 were released on the 1st and 8th of October respectively. 

Excited about the upcoming episode and its release date?

Read further!

Spy X Family Episode 15 Release Date

Spy X Family Episode 15 Release Date

Episode 15 of the season is all set to release on 15th October 2022, Saturday. The fans are all excited to know about the story and title of the coming episode.

The new episode will be released on the OTT platform at 9 am according to the Indian timing. The anime premise is every Saturday. It has a total of one season which was set to release in two parts. The first part of the anime has been completed, consisting of 12 episodes. The first episode of the series was released on April 9, 2022. The first part of the season lasted till June 25, 2022.

The second part will consist of 13 episodes and two episodes are out already. Episode 15 will be released on Saturday at 11 pm JST.

Name of the ShowSpy X Family
Episode NumberEpisode 15
GenreSpy Thriller
Spy X Family Episode 1 Release Date9 April 2022
Spy X Family Episode 15 Release Date15 October 2022
Spy X Family Episode 15 Overview

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Spy X Family Episode 15 Story

In the previous two episodes, it was shown that our hero Loid Forger and his family went to a dog shop to purchase a dog for Anya. There he was suddenly called for an urgent meeting. It was the meeting to stop the terrorist student of Ostanian who planned to kill Wetalian foreign minister Brantz by using the association of the mean. 

Meanwhile, Anya started following the dog and unexpectedly reached the terrorist who was planning to use dogs for the assassination. She got caught by those terrorists but somehow the dig helped her mad she managed to escape from there.

After that, she got scolded by Yor. 

Anya heard the conversation of Yor’s younger brother Yuri was talking related to the terrorist plot with a police member. 

Loid sees the whole story told by Anya as dangerous, she and Bond were together.

Suddenly Loid loaded his gun and wanted to trapped Anya in a room but she didn’t as the bomb was fixed in the doorframe.

What will happen next? will the bomb explode? Or will Anya and her dog Bond remain alive? 

To know more watch episode 15 on Sunday.

Spy X Family Recap

An Agent creates an alias of Loid Forger to be allotted to him to maintain peace between two rival nations Ostania and Westalis. He had a code name “Twilight”.

For his mission, he adopts an orphan child named Anya and gets married to Yor Briar.

His task was to Spy on Donovan Desmond, National Unity Party leader of Ostonia. He orders them to spy on him; he enrolled her child in the same school as the Donovons’ son. He played the role of a parent picking up and dropping off her child.

Yor Briar whom he married was an assassin. Both were unaware of their true identities.

Spy X Family Episode 15 Characters

Spy X Family Episode 15 Release Date

The characters are the main part of the anime. The role of the character brings interest in the series of anime. There are three main characters in the anime: Loid Forger, Yor Briar and Anya.

The anime has many characters they are as follows:

Bond Forger, Becky Blackbell, Damian Desmond, Ewen Egeburg, Emile Elman, Bill Watkins, George Glooman, Henry Henderson, Demetrius Desmond, Walter Evans, Murdoch Swans, Benedict Ivan Goodfellow, Donna Schlag.

Where To Watch Spy X Family Episode 15 Online?

The viewers can watch the anime on Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, and Jio Cinema.

The anime is good and you will enjoy watching it. The trailer part 2 is available on YouTube.

Watch the upcoming to know about Anya and her family!

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