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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Release Date: What Are You Expecting From This Season?

We are never done with Japanese anime television series but our hearts still want more and more, the greed of witnessing more anime series is never going to cease. Even though the craze for Japanese anime television series is on another level, the craze for American animated series is also not running behind.

There are many American animated series that are always a part of our interest and now there is one such animated series fans have been enjoying lately and looking forward to more episodes of it.

We all know how popular the Star Trek series are, and not only one series but most of the Star Trek series has gained so much love from the viewers. Star Trek: Prodigy is another animated series of Star Trek which got released last year on October 28, 2021, even though the animated series is not that old, the love and hype it is getting from the audience is no joke.

This animated series is produced by MacGregor Middleton and the executive producers are Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman, Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth, Katie Krentz, Aaron Baiers, Heather Kadin, and Alex Kurtzman. This amazing animated series is created by Kevin and Dan Hageman.

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Star Trek: Prodigy got released last year, the series is still getting attention from the viewers But fans are very curious about the second season well we can understand the feeling of the fans who have been following the Star Trek series since the very beginning so it is obvious that they are looking for more of Star Trek contents.

We are happy to state that this series is confirmed to have a second season but it is still not clear when it will be released. It is confirmed that the production team has already started working on the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy so the fans are very much excited about the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy and they want to know about the release date, as I have mentioned above, the official release date for the second season is still not confirmed but we can expect it to be released in the year 2023 or maybe it will take some time.

Name of the ShowStar Trek: Prodigy
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreAdventure, Drama
Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Release Date28 October 2021
Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Overview

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Story

Woefully, we still don’t have any official idea about the story of the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy because there is no official glimpse of the second season but we can say the space journey will be more interesting in the second season and we will get to see much new stuff in the second season.

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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Characters  

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Release Date

The characters of the second season are still unknown but there are a lot of chances to see the same characters in the second season. The characters of Star Trek: Prodigy includes Roh Tahk, Murf, Miners, Lurian Miner, Dal, Zero, Gwyn, Jankom Pog, The Diviner, Hologram Janeway, Captain Janeway, Vice Admiral Janeway, Drednok, Captain Chakotay, Nandi, Asencia, Doctor Noum, Barniss Frex, Commander Tysess, Dr. Beverly Crusher, etc.

The voice actors are Rylee Alasraqui, Dee Bradley Baker, Brett Gray, Angus Imrie, Ella Purnell, Jason Mantzoukas, John Noble, Kate Mulgrew, Jimmi Simpson, Bonnie Gordon, Robert Beltran, Ben Thomas, Grey Griffin, Jameela Jamil, Debra Wilson, Brook Chalmers, Jason Alexander, Laila Berzins, Eric Bauza, Daveed Diggs, Melissa Villaseñor, Rania Sharkawy, Gates McFadden and many more are there.

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Recap

The story of the first season shows the adventurous and fun journey of a group of teenagers that try to explore the whole Galaxy by riding in a stolen spacecraft. The first season is way too good and you will enjoy the content of this animated series.

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Trailer 

If you are waiting for the official trailer for the second season then you have to wait for it a long time because it is not yet out and we still don’t have any idea when it will be out. You can watch the official trailer for the first season on YouTube and more videos are available on YouTube regarding Star Trek: Prodigy you can check out them too.

Where To Watch Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Online?

You can stream the first season of Star Trek: Prodigy on so many streaming platforms such as Apple TV, The Roku Channel, Nickelodeon, and Prime Video, and maybe the second season will also be available on all of the streaming platforms that I have mentioned above. 

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