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StarStruck Season 3 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

StarStruck is a comedy series that originated in the United Kingdom. The show is developed by Rose Matafeo, and directed by Karen Maine. The writers of the show include Alice Senedde and Rose Matafeo. 

The show was first premiered for the first season in the year 2021 and the second season of the series premiered in the year 2022, on HBO Max. The show is about a girl named Jessie of New Zealand, living in London, and working there, and her story when she almost slept with a boy named Tom on New Year’s Eve.

StarStruck Season 3 Release Date

The comedy show StarStruck is a thrilling show that shows the not so love story of a girl Jessie and a star boy Tom. The first season of the series premiered on year 2021 and the second season premiered o 2022.

After the second season gained love and appreciation from the fans, the show was renewed for season 3. But till now the makers have not officially announced the release date of season 3. So we need to wait till the date is announced.

However, we will add it here once we get any information regarding the release date of season 3 of the show. Till then stay tuned with us.


Storyline Of The Show- StarStruck

The show StarStruck is about the girl Jessie who is struggling with her life in London and is doing a job in the cinema and as a nanny. She is trying to figure out what happened to her last night when she finds she has slept with a star on New Year’s Eve.

The show has released two seasons with six episodes each. Each episode of both seasons has a different title with the same plot of the story continued. Season 1 premiered on June 10, 2021, and lasted the same day. It has the following episodes with the respective titles. Episode 1, “NYE”. episode 2, “Spring”, episode 3, “Summer”, episode 4, “Autumn”, episode 5, “Winter”, and episode 6, “Christmas”.  

Season 1 of the show describes, Jessie and her roommate Kate hanging out on New Year’s Eve, where Kate finds a boy and hangs out with him. While Jessie was left alone. Suddenly she fell on Tom the star of London, and very awkwardly found herself waking up in her room with Tom. The next morning they found themselves in an unwanted situation and went quite awkward.

Season 2 premiered on March 24, 2022, and lasted till February 7, 2022. It has the following six episodes with their respective titles. Episode 1, “Stay”, episode 2, “Christmas, Again”, episode 3, “Housewarming”, episode 4, “funeral”, episode 5, “Valentine’s”, and episode 6, ” Party”.

Season 2 of the show proceeds with the story left incomplete in Season 1. The show continues with Jessie and Tom reuniting their love relationship and showing the world how they would be a perfect fit for each other. The show continued showing their love and not revealing the complete story here. You will be able to know more about the show once you watch the show.

Cast And Crew Of The Show

The 2021 comedy show ‘StarStruck” is created and written by Rose Matafeo, co-written by Alice Snedden, and directed by Karen Maine. The show premiered in the year 2021 and lasted till the year 2022, with a total of two seasons released with six episodes each.

The main cast of the show includes Rose Matafeo, staring as Jessie, the girl from New Zealand working in cinemas and as a nanny in London, Nikesh Patel staring as Tom Kapoor, is the most popular actor in London and Emma Sidi staring as Kate, is the roommate of Jessie.

The other casts of the show include, Sindhu Vee staring as Sindhu, Jon Pointing staring as Dan, Al Roberts staring as Ian, Nic Sampson staring as Steve, Joe Barnes staring as Joe, Abraham Popoola staring as Jacob, Lola-Rose Maxwell staring as Sarah, Nadia Parkes staring as Sopjie Diller, Ambreen Razia staring as Shivani, Russell Tovey and Liz Kingsman staring as Liz.

This was the fascinating cast member of the series. The actors and actresses have worked hard to bring the characters of the show to life and make this series the most loved and appreciated by the fans of the world.


The show Starstruck is all about the incident that happened between Jessie and Tom on New Year’s Eve. The story shows how the couple initially turned up as strangers and followed their lifestyle. But with growing time they came close and finally established a relationship.

Overall, the show explored the theme of love, friendship, and intimacy of course. This was all about the show’s storyline, cast, and season 3 release.


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