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Still Up Season 2 Release Date And Everything We Know

The first season of Still Up was just published on Friday, September 22, 2023, therefore the release date of Season 2 is much awaited. The plot of the Apple TV Plus series centers on Lisa and Danny, two best friends who get close via their shared struggle with severe insomnia. But ultimately, when they get together late at night to discuss everything under the moon, their connection grows.

Still Up Season 2 Release Date 

It’s too early to tell whether there are plans for a second season because the first season has just broadcast three episodes. Furthermore, there is still no word on a release date or a promise of renewal. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict what will happen with the show’s return. The success of the first season will probably determine how the second one turns out. Eight episodes make up the first season of Still Up.

Taking into account that the first season has just published three episodes, it is too soon to determine if a second season is in the works. Furthermore, neither a release date nor an official confirmation of the renewal has been made public as of yet. Therefore, it is challenging to forecast when the series will be renewed.

Story of Still Up Season 2

The second season of Still Up does not yet have a revealed plot. But as the first season came to a close, Lisa and Danny’s bond eventually became more meaningful. The second season will probably focus on their new relationship and the difficulties they have with their sleeplessness.

“Still Up” delves into the captivating late-night bond between Danny, a socially shy reporter who suffers from sleeplessness, and Lisa, an eccentric illustrator. Despite never having met in person, viewers were able to watch the development of their special friendship throughout the course of the first season as they conversed for hours on end.

Expect the second season to go even farther into the intricacies of Lisa and Danny’s relationship. Will their camaraderie develop into anything deeper? How will they deal with the difficulties in their own lives and deal with insomnia? To keep viewers interested and preserve its engaging appeal, the show may incorporate new characters and stories.

Recap of Still Up Season 1 

Best friends Lisa and Danny, who both suffer from insomnia and keep in touch with one another late at night, are the focus of Still Up Season 1. Danny is an exuberant and more gregarious musician than Lisa, who is a quiet and introverted artist.

Throughout the first season, Lisa and Danny support one another through a range of difficulties, such as family problems, breakups, and job hunts. Additionally, they become closer and begin to fall in love with one another. As Lisa and Danny share a kiss in the season finale, it’s obvious that their romance is finally progressing.

The season is well-positioned to preserve its distinct blend of sentiment and comedy. In addition, the difficulties of having insomnia will continue to be a major subject, offering perspectives on Lisa and Danny’s path of self-awareness and coping. Get ready for another installment that will definitely make you watch more—one that even promises to top the previous season’s appeal. Don’t miss the captivating story that is developing on Apple TV+.

The cast of Still Up Season 2

The cast of Still Up Season 2 are as mentioned here- 

  1. Antonia Thomas as Lisa
  2. Blake Harrison as Ben
  3. Lois Chimimba as Jess
  4. Craig Roberts as Danny
  5. Samantha Spiro as Sarah
  6. Cathy Murphy as Maggie
  7. Enzo Squillino Jr. as Enzo
  8. Ivana Basic as Ivana
  9. Albert Magashimore as Albert
  10. Luke Fetherston as Mike
  11. Rich Fulcher as Steve

Where to Watch Still Up Season 2?

The engrossing series Still Up Season 1 is currently available to view on Apple TV+. Season 2 is expected to be released on the same platform as well. 


Where to Watch Still Up Season 2?

It will be available on Apple TV+.

Is Season 2 coming of this drama series?

It is highly anticipated that season 2 shall come.

What is this show about?

Best friends Lisa and Danny, who both suffer from insomnia and keep in touch with one another late at night, are the focus of Still Up Season 1.

How many episodes are there in season 1?

There are a total of 8 episodes in season 1.

How many episodes will be there in season 2?

There shall be 8-9 episodes in season 2 as well.


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