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Strike The Blood Season 6 Release Date, Cast, and, Story

In today’s world, the love for anime is one thing that is definitely common among almost all of us. Animes are getting so much love because they are extremely relatable and extremely fun to watch. There is not even one person who’ll say I hate animes as they are really light-hearted. These animes originate from Japan. So here’s a fun fact, the first ever anime to break the Internet was Goku.

Strike the Blood is a Japanese novel which has been created by Gakuto Mikumo with illustrations by Manyako. From 2011 to 2020 about 22 volumes have been published which is really quite impressive. Then a manga adaption started in 2012. This show has 24 episodes per season.

Strike The Blood Season 6 Release Date

So the final season of Strike the Blood i.e season 5 was released on 30th March 2022. It received a lot of love from its fans. The last episodes of this season were released on July 29th.  So yes, our dear readers, you can now watch strike the blood finale online. The countdown has ended. This season is based on volume 22 of the book.  

As the fifth season ended on 30th June 2021 it has been quite a long time since the release of a new season so many of the fans might have been feeling a bit broken about the story as they might have forgotten what had happened last. So the summary for the fifth season is mentioned below for all those excited fans.

So, we talk about season 6, it has not been announced yet, so we need to wait for the official information for the release date of season 6.

Name of the ShowStrike The Blood
Season NumberSeason 6
GenreAction, Fantasy
Strike The Blood Season 1 Release Date 4 October 2013
Strike The Blood Season 6 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Strike The Blood Season 6 Overview

Strike The Blood Season 5 Recap

To close the keystone gate, the Itogami island needs to be destroyed. This has been mentioned by none other than the Japanese Government itself. Two people i.e, Yukina and Natsuki have been sent to the bottom of the gate, but Yukina struggles in completing her mission. It is at that moment that Kojo appears as if he has regained his vampire powers. This ends the story of the world’s strongest vampire ever.  

This story mainly revolves around KojouAkatsuki who is a high school student from Itogami Island’s Demon District. He is left with incredible evil power after his encounter with somebody. Then an attack has been launched by aliens. By the end of the story, we see Kojou arrives and promises many more adventures. So it has a happy ending. This season has definitely been getting a lot of love from the audience as they find it very happy and cheerful.

Strike The Blood Season 4 Recap

Season 4 had 12 episodes. An invitation arrives from Princess La Folia to Koko Akatsuki to visit the kingdom of Ardigia. He goes there with Natsune Kanase. To commemorate the conclusion of a peace treaty a ceremony is being held in Ardigia. The royal palace there gets attacked by monsters. This leads to the coming of the terrorists and Kojo also ends up getting involved in trouble. He then decides to return to Itogami island where he learns that the demon sanctuary has been attacked. This attack has been started by none other than the order of the end.

On the other hand, we see MAR declaring neutrality. Kojo fails to use his abilities to the fullest as he is of course only a teenager. In season 4 we also see the focus being on Asagi Aiba who is Kojou’s schoolmate and was discovered as the Priestess of Cain. The three ancestors of the Itogami island also try to find Kojo as they are worried about losing their throne. Kojo however uses his power and tries to use them to his benefit. Yukina Himeragi and Kojou start developing a relationship with each other as they both have the same aim of finding the most powerful vampire.

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Strike the Blood Season 6 Characters

Strike The Blood Season 6 Release Date

This web series obviously has a lot of characters some of which are- Asami Seto who voices over Aiba Asagi, Hisako Kanemoto who voices Minamiya Natsuki, Yoshimasa Hosoya who voices over Akatsuki Kojou, Risa Taneda as Himeragi Yukina, Rina Hidaka as Akatsuki Nagisa, Ikumi Hayama as Kirasaka Sayaka, Ryota Osaka as Yaze Motoki, Yuki Ono as Dimitrie Vatler, Yuka Iguchi as Astarte, Misaki Watada as Glenda, Sayaka Senbongi as Haba Yuiri, Kaede Hondo as Hikawa Shio, Saori Oonishi as La Folia Rihavein, Misaki Kuno as Lydiane Didier, Kaori Ishihara as Avrora Florestina and many more.

So these were the characters from the previous seasons of the story, now if we talk about the show’s season 6 characters then it will be difficult for us to say anything regarding them as the show has not been renewed for the next season.

Where to Watch Strike the Blood Online?

All the amazing seasons of Strike the Blood anime can only be watched on Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, people living in many different parts of the world might not be able to watch it. So all those fans who watched it already, feel free to help other fans catch up on this web series in the comment section down below.

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