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Superstition Season 2 Release Date And Plot Explained!

If you are wondering when Superstition Season 2 release date is, then you are at the right place. Superstition is an American mystery television drama that premiered its first season on the Syfy network which consisted of 12 episodes. The story of the show basically revolves around the Hastings family who owned a funeral home in the sleepy town of LA Rochelle in Georgia.

That’s the only funeral home in the town and they have to take care of all the funerals happening there. The twist is that it’s not just about funerals, it’s about supernatural things happening around there and some unusual phenomena happening in the town.

Things with Hastings’s family start to get worse on the 13th of Friday when the oldest son of Hastings came back 16 years ago. That’s why unusual phenomena start happening in the town and the Hastings are trying everything to protect everyone so that they do not come under these forces.

Though, the show did not gain great popularity in the United States. Netflix commissioned the series and made it available to all the people worldwide but still, a very small amount of audience was attracted to the show and the show was finally canceled in 2018, one year after its first season premiere. The running time of each episode is 43 minutes. But critics found it to be very long and without any storyline. Here are all the details we know about the superstition season 2 release date.

Superstition Season 1 Recap

Superstition Season 2 Release Date

There is a mysterious town of LA Rochelle named Ga where there’s only one funeral home. This funeral home is owned by the Hastings family. The mysterious town is known for its haunted houses and unusual phenomena happening there. There are also some odd residents in the town that people are afraid of. And LA Rochelle is a town that is considered a landing patch from where some of the darkest manifestations of fear are guided in the world by some ancient malefactor.

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So, Hastings does not just have to plan a funeral for people who die for natural causes they also have to handle after Lifecare for the already dead people who usually suffered from demonic entities and other UN valid phenomena. This means the people who died due to some unusual phenomena have to take care of them too. So the family now is very strong, they have all the weapons, they have incredible strength and great knowledge on how to kill the evil that lies in the town.

But one day things started to happen badly when the 13th of Friday arrived and the oldest son of Hastings who left the family about 16 years ago return. Unusual phenomena started to happen around in the town and Hastings are doing everything to protect the people.

Basically the show is horror but critics found it to be very basic and it got 5.2 from IMDb.

Superstition Season 2 Release Date

After the first season of superstition released on Syfy, it gained average positive reviews. But despite the show getting average reviews, the show wasn’t able to renew itself for the second season. After the first season released, a few months after that, the streaming channel Syfy decided to cancel the show. So, as of now superstition season 2 is canceled. The first season of superstition started on 28 October 2017 and its last episode was aired on the 25th of January 2018. The second season of the show was canceled in 2018.

The average rating for the show went to 0.09 which wasn’t enough to bring season 2 for the show. But there is always a ray of hope for the renewal of the show. The streaming giant Netflix selected superstition to be streamed all over the world and this could result in a large fan base for the show. The critic’s review for the show was very poor and the show fanbase was not much as the production expected. So the final word for superstition season 2 is canceled.

If in future superstition 2 does get renewed the page will be updated with superstition season 2 release date.

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Superstition Season 2 Trailer

Superstition Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there is no official trailer released for superstition season 2. As I mentioned above, there has been no confirmation regarding season 2 of the show and therefore no trailer from the production house has been released. If in the future the show is released we might get a trailer soon after the production starts. But the hopes for the show getting renewed are very less.

Will Superstition Season 2 Ever Happen?

So, there’s a very odd chance for season 2 to return as the show wasn’t a great hit or wasn’t able to create a massive fan base for its second season to come. The two important factors required to renew any web show are the popularity of the show and if there is enough source material.

The source material is basically created by the writers so, the show is basically a horror and a fictional show so the writers would have brought a second season but another important factor was the fanbase. The show wasn’t able to achieve a great fan base and there is very little possibility for season 2 to return. For all the fans who love superstition, this could be bad news but there are null chances for the show to get renewed.

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