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Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend: Is She Still Single?

Taylor Tomlinson is a very well-known name and I am sure you must have already recognized her name. Taylor is an American Comedian who was born in Orange County, California, United States.

She has been active in the industry for a long time. She debuted in the year 2010 and till now she has been getting more love and attention from the audience. Taylor is also popularly known as Taylor Elyse Tomlinson.

There is so much stuff that fans want to learn about this comedian but they are unable to find, so here you can read all the essential information about Taylor Tomlinson. 

Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend

Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend
Taylor Tomlinson

The question related to Taylor Tomlinson is getting viral now and it is already crystal clear why this question is getting so much attention from the public.

We all know how popular Taylor is as a comedian, she even has released her stand-up comedies on Netflix. After streaming her two standup videos people started to dig out a lot about Taylor and her personal life and the thing that picked the attention of people is the dating life of Taylor Tomlinson.

We usually give so much attention to a particular celebrity and try to learn more about that celebrity’s love life, especially whom they are dating and how they started to date that particular person, and currently the fans of Taylor are witnessing the same thing.

Many fans are scrolling through the articles that have mentioned Taylor and her dating life. Well, Taylor had only one boyfriend. Can you guess the name of that person? Well, it is not at all impossible for you not to know that person’s name because he is also very popular like Taylor.

She was in a relationship with the popular comedian Sam Morril. This comedian couple started to date each other in March 2020 but their relationship did not last for a long time, they broke up in February 2022. After their breakup, many fans were left in sorrow as they really liked this couple because of their profession as well as their hard work.

Many fans were already aware of their dating stuff but still, many of them have no idea about the relationship between Taylor and Sam. Now that you have read the whole thing, what do you feel about the relationship between this couple? Many fans are still hoping to see them together again. What do you feel? 

Is Taylor Tomlinson Single?

For now, she is single and not dating anyone. We can understand why fans are curious about this. After reading about her breakup with Sam, it is obvious that the fans would be more curious about her dating life after learning that she was in a relationship with Sam.

If we get any information about her dating life we will keep you updated. She has also revealed that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

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Taylor Tomlinson Early Life

Taylor Tomlinson Boyfriend
Taylor Tomlinson

Taylor went to Temecula Valley High School after graduating from High School she went to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo but later she joined California State University, San Marcos. She started to focus on her comedy career after dropping out of her college. 

Taylor Tomlinson Dating History 

After knowing the relationship between Sam Morril, fans are curious to know about the dating history of Taylor Tomlinson. Usually, celebrities have a long dating history but in the case of Taylor Tomlinson, the situation is totally opposite.

The dating history of Taylor Tomlinson is not at all long because she has only dated Sam Morril and there is no official information about her past relationship with any other guys so we can assume that she had dated only Sam Morril.

Well, we can understand how fans are so curious to know about the dating history of this popular comedian but unfortunately, we do not have any official information about her dating history. But it is also mentioned that Taylor Tomlinson was engaged but her enhancement did not go well and it ended before the story between her Fiance and Tomlinson could have gotten longer.

For now, these are the only official information about her relationships that we have but we can expect to see her getting into a relationship with someone in the future. 

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