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Tearmoon Empire Season 2: Japanese Light Novel Anime Series

The popular anime series “Tearmoon Empire” originated in Japan as a light novel in 2018. It follows Mia Luna Tearmoon Empire Season 2, a princess executed for her selfishness. Upon waking, she discovers her soul inhabits her twelve-year-old self, providing a second chance to correct past mistakes. As a young girl again, she strives to become a wise and strategic leader, resolute in bringing peace to her kingdom. Season 1 enjoyed success, and fans eagerly await Season 2’s release.

Tearmoon Empire Season 2

Although no official announcement has been made regarding the release date of “Tearmoon Empire Season 2,” the show’s impressive ratings, including 7.5/10 on IMDb, 4.8/5 on Crunchyroll, and 7.4/10 on MyAnimeList, heighten the chances of its continuation. The series will persist in airing on Tokyo MX, BX11, and MBS in Japan, as well as internationally through Crunchyroll.

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The Origins of Tearmoon Empire

Nozomu Mochitsuki authored the light novel series “Tearmoon Empire,” which debuted on the novel posting site Shōsetsuka ni Narō in August 2018. TO Books later published it in print. Gilse provided illustrations for the series, while Mizu Morino illustrated the manga version serialized on the Comic Corona manga website from August 2019. Due to the series’ popularity, Silver Link adapted it into an animated television series that premiered in October 2023. This anime adaptation vividly brings Mochitsuki’s engaging story to life on the screen, capturing the essence of the Tearmoon Empire visually.

Expectations for Tearmoon Empire Season 2

In Season 2, anticipate a deeper exploration of Mia’s journey as she confronts larger issues affecting her kingdom, such as border security and corruption, drawing on the lessons from her past. Her newfound awareness and experiences guide her efforts to transform adversaries into allies and restore harmony.

Yuushi Ibe directs the anime, produced by SILVER LINK and adapted from the acclaimed manga series. The team comprises Akihiro Sotokawa as the Producer, Yoshinori Hasegawa as the Assistant Producer, and Toshiki Kameyama as the Sound Director. Artists like KanoeRana contribute to the theme song, enhancing the overall experience.

Mia’s Redemption Journey in Tearmoon Empire

Princess Mia Luna Tearmoon, a 20-year-old in a fallen empire, confronts execution amid accusations of selfishness. However, instead of facing death, she awakens in her 12-year-old self, initially dismissing it as a dream. The harsh reality hits when she discovers her blood-stained diary detailing events leading to her execution. With a determination to alter her destiny, she embarks on rebuilding the empire, prioritizing her safety.

Mia’s journey to redemption unfolds surprisingly, as her seemingly selfish actions, coupled with insights from her past life, endear her to others. Resolute in making friends out of former foes and rectifying past mistakes, Tearmoon Empire’s narrative takes shape. Mia grapples with the challenges of reshaping her fate and endeavors to win the hearts of those with whom she once clashed.

Meet the Cast of Tearmoon Empire Season 2

Sumire Uesaka brings Princess Mia Luna Tearmoon to life, capturing the essence of the 20-year-old princess in a fallen empire. Tomori Kusunoki portrays Anne Littstein, adding depth to the character with her performance. Yuichiro Umehara embodies Ludwig Hewitt, infusing the role with his distinctive style. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka takes on the character Abel Remno, contributing his voice to enhance the narrative.

Shun Horie, as Sion Sol Sunkland, brings a dynamic presence to the cast, while Kanon Takao lends her voice to Tiona Rudolvon, adding nuance to the character. Nao Tōyama portrays Rafina Orca Belluga, contributing to the diverse ensemble.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tearmoon Empire Season 2! The stellar cast promises to continue delivering captivating performances as Princess Mia’s adventures unfold, offering a compelling portrayal of her quest to change destiny. Don’t miss the exciting continuation of this enthralling story.

Where to Watch

Immerse yourself in Tearmoon Empire’s first season, available on Catchplay and Crunchyroll. Choose between the free, ad-supported option on Crunchyroll or opt for a subscription for an uninterrupted experience. These platforms offer convenient access to the captivating world of Tearmoon Empire, providing a perfect opportunity to delve into the series and join Princess Mia on her transformative journey.

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