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Terrifier 3 Release Date: Get Ready To Be Terrified For The Third Time!

Horror and terrific movies have a huge fan base. People find it very thrilling to watch a horror movie on a weekend or while spending some family time. Some people are extreme fans of horror movies and can go to the extent of watching some of the most horrific movies.

Among the many horror movies that are there to watch, one movie is Terrifier which left everyone amazed and had goosebumps giving scenes. As evident from the name, the movie defined what terror looks like. The first movie was loved and appreciated by the viewers so much that after a long gap of six years, the second movie was released this year which proved to be even better and more horrific than the first one. With the escalated level of thrill and horror in the second movie, the makers have made the viewers more hyped up about the release of the third movie.

There have been a lot of rumors about the release of Terrifier. But no one knows how authentic are these claims. Well, worry no more, because we are here with some absolutely authentic and reliable information about the release of Terrifier 3.

Brace yourself, because we are going to discuss all of Terrifier 3. Is the movie even releasing? Who will be there in its cast? What will be the plot of Terrifier 3? Where will it be available for watching?

We are going to answer all such questions regarding the movie. So let’s get going!

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Terrifier 3 Release Date

Terrifier 3 Release Date

The first movie of the Terrifier franchise was released in October 2016. The second movie of the franchise, Terrifier 2 was recently released a few months back in August 2022. The way the second movie ended has made the fans extremely eager to know all about Terrifier 3.

Now, some of you must be thinking that are we even going to have Terrifier 3? What if we don’t? Will we be left hanging on the interesting point where the second movie ended?

Well, this is not what is going to happen because the makers have confirmed the making of Terrifier 3. Although, the making has not started yet, but it has been confirmed that there will be a third movie in this franchise. So the fans don’t need to disappoint themselves, because we will be seeing what happens after the story ends on a very interesting note in the second movie.

Only the announcement has been made till now, the making has not started. Therefore we cannot make any estimate about its release date. The makers have also not given any estimate about the release date. Considering the fact, that the second movie was released after 6 long years, it becomes more difficult to predict the release date of Terrifier 3. Will it also release after a long period of 5-6 years? Or Will it release within a year and won’t keep the fans await for a longer time, unlike the second movie?

We will have to have some patience for that for the making to start and track the updates on the progress of making!

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Terrifier 3 Story

The first movie of the franchise Terrifier gives us an introduction to Art the Clown, who is seen doing a series of murders in the most brutal manner that you can imagine. He tears a person apart and makes them die most awfully. The first movie ends with Art’s body being taken to a morgue along with the body of the other victims where Art wakes up again and brutally murders the medical examiner. The movie then takes a lapse of one year where showing Vicky being released from the hospital after rehabilitation from the injuries she got from Art’s attack. She is shown as a badly disfigured woman just like in the initial scene of the movie.

Taking forward the way things ended in the first movie, Terrifier 2 shows continuing from the ending of the first movie where Art is resurrected by an unknown entity and kills the medical examiner who was inspecting his body. Art is then shown trying to clean himself up when he encounters a girl, dressed in an attire similar to his. He again starts with his notoriety of creating havoc all around. The second movie of this franchise ends on a very interesting note which has left the viewers excited for the third movie of this franchise. The ending of the second movie shows Vicky giving birth to Art’s head while a nurse watches all this in immense horror.

What can be the plot of the third movie? Well, it will continue from the point where the second movie ended and is going to show Art creating havoc, with his horrendous activities going to another level. Will his notoriety come to an end in the third movie? Will we witness an end to this horrific character in the third movie? We will have to wait for the Terrifier 3 to release to know the answer to all these questions! Let’s wait and watch what the third movie of this franchise is going to bring to the table!

Terrifier 3 Cast

Terrifier 3 Release Date
Terrifier 3

The first movie had David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown. Samantha Scaffidi in the role of Victoria “Vicky” Heyes whose elder sister was Tara Heyes, played by Jenna Kanell. Catherine Corcoran played the role of Dawn, Tara’s best friend. Pooya Mohseni was in the movie as the Cat Lady. Katie Maguire was in the role of Monica Brown. Gino Cafarelli played the role of Steve and Cory Duval played the role of Coroner. Erick Zamora was in the character of Ramone.

Terrifier 2 had David Howard Thornton again, as Art the Clown. Samantha Scaffidi is in the role of Victoria “Vicky” Heyes, from the first movie. She is the only survivor from the first movie and is now in a psychiatric hospital. Lauren LaVera is in the movie as Sienna Shaw. Sarah Voigt is in the role of Barbara Shaw, who is Sienna and Jonathan’s mother. Elliott Fullam is in the role of Jonathan Shaw, who is Sienna’s younger brother. Griffin Santopietro is in the movie as Eric. Kailey Hyman is playing the role of Brooke. Casey Hartnett is playing Allie. Tamara Glynn is in the movie as Shopping Mother. Felissa Rose is in the role of Ms. Principe. Nedim Jahić is in the role of Travis Bryant and Chris Jericho is Burke.

Talking about the cast of Terrifier 3, we will be seeing David Howard Thornton again, as Art the Clown and Lauren LaVera as Sienna Shaw.

We cannot say anything yet about the rest of the cast because it will entirely depend on what turns the plot of the third movie will take. What we can say with full confirmation is that we will be seeing a fresh batch of actors apart from the above-mentioned two leads.

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Terrifier 3 Trailer

Many trailers are available for Terrifier and Terrifier 2. Very obviously, no trailers are available for Terrifier 3.

As we know that the makers are just planning to make Terrifier 3, which means that the making has not even started. This means that no official trailers are available for this movie yet. We will have to wait for the making to start and the official announcement of the release date for the trailers to release which would give us an idea of what the third movie of this franchise beholds for us. Since the release is unknown and will remain unknown for some time, we can expect that the trailer might release after the announcement of the release date or a few days before the release of the movie.

For the time being, no trailers are available yet for this movie.

Where To Watch Terrifier?

Now, the question comes what are the platforms where you can watch Terrifier and Terrifier 2? You can watch these movies on various streaming platforms like The Roku Channel, Vudu, NexxTV, Redbox, Tubi – Free Movies & TV, Freevee, or Apple TV. The viewers, therefore, have a lot of options to watch these movies. These movies are however not available on Netflix, which is the most preferred streaming platform.

Whenever the third movie of this franchise releases, it is also going to be available on the same platforms.

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