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The Age of Influence Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Predicted Story!

The new show released by Hulu on June 5, 2023, is “The Age Of Influence”, shows the crimes done by social media influencers, and how aren’t they are still not exposed. 

The series shows how these social media stars after gaining popularity among people take their fees and not only this, they also manipulate things and do the scandals behind their work. 

The series creators have exposed the work of the growing social media influencers. They showcased the real work of these people behind their social media accounts. It shows all the unwanted works done by real-life social media influencers, who have gained so much popularity.

The Age of Influence Season 2 Release Date

The new docuseries of Hulu “The Age Of Influence” shows the scam, fraud, and all unwanted things done by social-media influencers in these past years since they have started gaining popularity.

Social media have become the most essential part of entertainment for all age groups these days, and so the social media influencers who have gained a max number of fans and subscribers, raise money from their fan following. This has led them to do many crimes and scandals, that have made them stuck all around.

Season 1 of the show is released on June 5, 2023, and has gained support and love from people. Thus, the fans of the show have been demanding the show’s sequel. But there is no official announcement regarding the sequel of the show. 

It is expected by the fans and us that the creators must release Season 2 of the show in the year 2024. The only thing we can do now is to wait for the maker’s decision.

Till then let us see what is the story and cast behind the series “The Age Of Influence”.


The Age of Influence Season 2 Story

This docuseries was released on Hulu on June 5, 2023. The series has a total of six episodes with different titles and different stories of the social media influencers. They have shown how the social media influencers behind their popular name and face have scammed people and committed crimes. 

The series has shown the story of six different social media influencers, who have been in the case of scandal and crime but were never exposed. In this series the creators have exposed the influencer, in fiction as well as with realistic faces in the interview. They have exposed all the plans behind the crimes, awarding the common people, about the scam they can go through.

The series shows the life of six different social media influencers who behind their name and fame have built the large houses of lies and deceits that they are now facing downfall in their life. The show from beginning to end shows the ups and downs experienced by these influencers in their life.

In all the six episodes the audience might see the life story of six different influencers who have spun the web of lies and got stuck in those web itself leading to their own downfall of professional as well as personal life. The creators also have tried to make the people know the types of scams they can go through and asks them to be safe while using online medias and before they trust someone.

The series follows the story of these influencers, including their real-life friends, relatives and the victims. Not only this the real life culprits that is the social media influencers are also shown in the series. They have asked for pardon and their guilty in the interviews and videos everything.

This was the brief of all the six episodes of the show. The rest of the story is in detail, you will be able to watch in series. 

Cast Of The Series

The docuseries of Hulu are produced by Joe Earlduy, Fay Yu, and David Shadrack Smith for Part2 Pictures, and Victoria Thompson and David Sloan are the producers for ABC News.

The audience in the show will see, the story of Danielle Miller staring as herself, Jay Mazini, staring as herself, Emily Gellis staring as herself, Tanya Zuckerbot, staring as himself, and others.


Overall, the show has been most loved and supported till now. As per the studies, the fans too demand the new season of the show. We will add this more on the website once something is made official. Till then keep visiting us.


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