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The American Bible challenge season 4: release date

Ever thought about how religious shows could be breaking records? The same is with the legendary Holy show of America The American Bible Challenge, making its debut back in 2012 the reality show has grown to an extent where it can be called a blockbuster hit. The concept of the show is amazing as well where the contestants are asked about the various question from the bible and the right person to answer them all wins and takes away money for his charity in thousands of dollars. Since its launch, it has been the favorite amongst the Christian community as they not only increase their knowledge but get to see something holy in an entertaining form.

Season 3 premiered a long time back and now the fans and the devotees are waiting for season 4. Worry not we have covered all over the internet picking up clues and this is what all we could gather up.

The American Bible challenge Plot

The reality show is something that wouldn’t have seen elsewhere but in America. The concept is amazing where there are a total of 9 episodes Of Bible quizzes the participants have to answer each query correctly. The first six rounds are just the entry-level round where the most part of the fun lies and we get to see various teammates husting through their Bible Knowledge. The last three episodes contain the two semifinals and the last finale where the suspense is covered throughout the episodes and then at the end, the team with the highest scores wins and takes away the prize money for their charity.

The American Bible Challenge Season 4

The interesting fact being all the participants are associated with some of the other charity and the price money is not spent on personal expenses rather than it helps in preaching Christianity and helping the people who are dependent upon the charity’s welfare. Even the TRP ratings gathered on the show are not spent Worthlessly instead donations are made that helps poor people.

The American Bible Challenge season 4 release date

The American bible challenge season 4 has been officially canceled and the viewers won’t be able to see another season anytime soon.

Why was it canceled – The show even after accumulating tons of views and love from the audience was canceled, according to the forums there were some religious conflicts although this is not confirmed yet, so there isn’t any point in believing in it. Some say the production canceled the show.

The American Bible Challenge Season 4

Although these are possible rumors for now there are high chances that the show might never return as it has been 7 years since season 3 aired on T.V and even after the millions watching the show there wasn’t a word about season 4 of the American Bible Challenge that was ever heard off.

After the release on Netflix the global audience and Christians all around the world started getting attracted to the show, it has been the best afternoon add-on for Housewifes and had been the favorite show at a time. Nobody ever missed a single episode who were the regular watchers.

You can watch the earlier episodes on Netflix and hope that there can be some relatable shows in the future which can be enjoyed back again.

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