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The Americans Season 7 Release Date Latest Information

Who does not love a spy-thriller action? The Americans is one such nail-biter series aired on January 30, 2013. The spy thriller is based on real events and gathered a huge fanbase in the first season itself. It was released on the channel FX. Later on, it was available on Disney Hotstar. It is awarded the binge rating of 8.7 out of 10. The basic plot of the series portrays the time of War, a married family who is also a secret spy.

The Americans is produced and created by Joe Weisberg, and currently has six fabulous seasons. The thriller also received many esteemed awards, including, Best Television Award in 2019, during Golden Globe Award Show, PrimeTime Emmy Award for Best Lead Actor in 2018, 2019, again the award for Critics’ choice Television series for best drama and best actor and the list goes on. Viewers are excited about the next season of the show, for the details of the newest season, stay connected with the article!

The Americans Season 7 Release Date

The Americans Season 7 Release Date

Here is some news for the fans of the show, it feels heartbreaking to bring to your knowledge that there is no season 7 for The Americans, after the release of Season 6, the showrunners announced that there would be no further extension of the show and Season 6 is the concluding season. The plot that they wanted to convey to the audience has been done successfully therefore no further season for the cliffhanger show would be seen in the near future. Henceforth, the audience must not hold on to any hope for a new Season.

Name of the ShowThe Americans
Season NumberSeason 7
GenrePeriod Spy Drama
The Americans Season 1 Release Date30 January 2017
The Americans Season 7 Release DateCanceled
The Americans Season 7 Overview

The Americans Season 7 Story

Unfortunately, as the show climaxed at the end of Season 6, no more seasons or episodes are left to be released, therefore there is no story or any plotline for season 7. To know about the ending of the show, you should watch season 6, as confirmed by the production team that the show is done at Season 6, if you do not know anything about the series and are interested in it, NO NEED TO FRET!! Read the further article, as we are here to take you on the recap of the series.

The Americans Season 5-6 Recap

Season 5 was broadcast on March 7, 2017, bringing more excitement to the viewers, the various incidents shown in season 5 are inspired by real-time events that took place between 1984, February, and August 1984. Coming to the storyline, it was seen in the previous season that Philip and Elizabeth adopted a son, Tuan, in season 5, they bring in a new task involving him. They had to investigate a corrupt expert in agriculture named Morozov, along with his wife and a son named Pasha. A team was recruited in order to take a sample of Lassa fever that had infected William’s body, meanwhile, Oleg goes to Moscow, working on another chain of corruption. Page was dealing with the confusing situation of her state of mind, Elizabeth helped her by teaching her self-defense and also a few techniques to calm her mind.

Later on, in episode 3, Elizabeth was assigned the task of following Morovoz to confirm if he is working on the welfare weapon. Oleg was seen developing and enforcing rules for anti-corruption in the Soviet supermarket. The honey-trapping assignments were given to Elizabeth and Philip in Kansas. Philip took Morozov for drinks and there his mission was going in a positive direction as after drinking Morovoz started to open up about the issues of Soviet agriculture.

 Oleg opens up to her mother, she gives some wisdom to him. In season 5, Oleg is seen in Russia, working on his chain of food corruption. Elizabeth was on a mission with Deirdre and Philip with Ben. The Jenning family gets very excited to see Henry being good at Mathematics, while Paige, their daughter opens up to her father about her relationship and her love life. Philip was seen suffering with a sense of guilt, as he was made to murder a lab worker without any fault of his, and he decided that he will not do the same injustice again.

In episode 7, the twist comes when Paige learns about the secret of her family and that she has been part of a spy family all through her life. At the end of the season, it seems that Tuan died, but he was founded alive and was taken to Moscow. Elizabeth expressed that she would not succeed in her mission without Tuan, while Tuan was disappointed by Jennings. Paige was trained by her mother Elizabeth regularly. The couple, Philip and Elizabeth found out that they have to stay in the US only and Elizabeth offered that she can take all assignments by herself.

The sixth and final season was launched on March 28, 2018. The real-time events displayed in Season 6, took place in September 1987. Henry and Paige were doing well in their lives, Henry secured a place on the Hockey team and Paige was admitted to the college continuing her Soviet Agent training. Also, Philip became a full-time Agent. Paige was told by Elizabeth, that, she should leave her position during the fiasco, as Paige departed, her parents discussed some missions. During a discussion, Elizabeth expressed to her daughter that is not afraid of her job and can die for it. Stan was seen following The Jenning Family.

Oleg was taken under custody by the FBI when he picks up the dead drop. Oleg informs Stan that the encoded message has to be sent to the USSR. In the middle of the series, the family was also seen having some financial problems as Henry was informed by his father that he might not be able to afford his tuition fee for the next year. When Henry returned for Thanksgiving, he saw his parent’s connection fading, while Paige suggested her mother, Elizabeth with the intern.

The congressional intern was seduced by Elizabeth, she made him plant a bug into the box of documents. Claudia, an important character, brought some useful shred of information to Elizabeth Gennadi’s detection, Marylin and Stan were appointed by Elizabeth FOR THE gennafi matter. On the advice of Elizabeth, Philip took Kimmy to Bulgaria and her kidnap was planned for blackmailing her father. The kidnap of Kimmy was sabotaged by Philip. Paige was seen taken to the USSR by her parents. The family of Jennings got permission to leave and Philip discussed his suspicion about Renee. Paige decided to stay behind and work at US Border, Philip and Elizabeth went to USSR and met Arkady, talking about their choices and options in life. 

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The Americans Season 7 Cast

The Americans Season 7 Release Date

The lead role of Philip and Elizabeth was played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell respectively. Holly Tailor was seen portraying the character of Paige Jennings while Keidrich Sellati was seen as Henry Jennings. Oleg was portrayed by Costa Ronin, Frank Gaad by Richard Thomas, Claudia by Margo Martindale, and FBI agent Stan Beeman played by Noah Emmerich. Dennis Aderholt was seen playing the role of FBI agent Brandon J. Dirden. In supporting roles, Annet Mahendru, Susan Misner, Alison Wright, Daniel Flaherty, LevGorn, and Derek Luke were seen as Nina Krilova, Sandra Beeman, Stan’s wife, Martha Hanson, who was agent Gaad’s secretary, Mattew Beeman, Arkady Ivanovich, and Gregory Thomas respectively. As there is no season 7, there is no cast for the same.

The Americans Season 7 Trailer

As expressed by the team of The Americans, no further season will be filmed, and there are no trailers for season 7. For knowing the whole story, the audience has to watch previous seasons. Unfortunately, the viewers have to be satisfied with six seasons only.

Where To Watch The Americans Season 7 Online?

Online platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have become an integral part of our lives,   providing unlimited entertainment through Web Series, movies, and many more. Surfing on Netflix and binge-watching series on weekends has become our routine. The Americans can be watched on the television channel FX and also on the OTT platform, Hotstar. A frequently asked question is, Is the series available on YouTube, unfortunately, no, you cannot watch it on YouTube.

The Americans is a very interesting series that displays real-life events during the Cold War. The concept of a spy family engrosses the audience, and the thrill is constantly maintained. The family, excluding their two children, were assigned various tasks, seeing them chasing the target feels adventurous, every episode brings something new with it. The use of the Russian Language has also been made in the series. The fanbase was seen increasing with every season released. If you missed the series, here comes a suggestion, DO WATCH the series, cancel your weekend plans, roll on your bed and grab your snacks, and binge-watch the series.

Winding up my article here, I hope it gave an insight to the reader about the famous series. For more news about the latest series, stay tuned to our website.

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