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The Bear Season 3 Release Date and Where to Watch

The Bear season 3 release date is officially announcing, and its upcoming premiere addresses a recurring streaming complaint. On the heels of an emotional sophomore season and numerous Emmy wins, The Bear positions itself for another successful batch of episodes. Viewers eagerly anticipate diving back into the drama and chaos surrounding Carmy and Sydney’s restaurant. Fortunately, it seems they won’t have to wait very long to learn how things are going at the newly opened establishment.

Although Hulu hasn’t specified a premiere date yet, it indicates that the next outing will debut just a year after The Bear season 2 premiered on the platform. This turnaround is uncommon for modern TV shows and addresses a common complaint about the streaming era.

The Bear Season 3 Release Date

The Bear season 3 in June 2024 addresses a common streaming complaint: that such platforms take too long to release new seasons of their original shows. Many seasons of television, from Squid Game season 2 to Stranger Things season 5, are hard to believe haven’t come out yet. A years-long wait between each outing isn’t uncommon. And this isn’t just true of certain platforms; it applies almost across the board. Hulu is one of the few companies consistently releasing content in a timely manner, with shows like Only Murders in the Building and Abbott Elementary having short breaks too.

It’s clear The Bear is a priority for the streamer, and that’s not just because its next season is coming out only a year after the last one. The fact that this also accounts for production pauses resulting from the Hollywood strikes of 2023 makes this turnaround even more surprising. While concerns regarding the quick production’s impact on The Bear’s quality may exist, it’s more likely to generate excitement than anything else.

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The Bear Season 2 Recap

In Season 2 of The Bear, rather than intensifying its focus on Carmy (particularly after the unexpected levels of pure erotic enthusiasm that White generated), the show widens its attention to the ensemble even more than before. Sydney has her own stories, Richie has his — but so do the shop’s longtime cook Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas), pastry chef Marcus (Lionel Boyce), and Carmy’s sister Natalie (Abby Elliott). Creator Christopher Storer and the rest of the team could have easily “yes, chef” their way through this set of 10 new episodes, focusing on fan service and flexing the muscles of a show with a lot of goodwill on its side.

But they don’t do that at all. Instead, they experiment with what Kathryn VanArendonk at Vulture has helpfully termed “departure episodes,” where viewers get a chance to explore what’s going on with a sharp focus on particular characters outside the most common settings and rhythms of the show — here, one example would be an episode where Marcus goes off to improve his skills and works with a chef played by Will Poulter. There are others; I wouldn’t dare spoil them.

One of the things the show does this season that I suspect will be differently received in different corners is its deployment of unpublicized guest stars — which goes back to Season 1 and the fact that it wasn’t publicized ahead of time that Jon Bernthal would be playing Carmy’s late brother Mikey in flashbacks. The Bear has become, for lack of a more exact term, a very cool show, and it’s able to nail down some pretty impressive guest stars, most of whom you should encounter on your own (don’t read any of the lists that are circulating; consider them true spoilers).

The Bear season 3 plotline

The show’s second season concludes on Friends & Family night, so the restaurant technically isn’t officially open to the public yet. However, more details will undoubtedly emerge, especially concerning Carmy and Sugar’s mom. Additionally, they still need to pay Uncle Jimmy all his money back, so business better start booming soon, or else they’ll be in trouble.

Despite having to wait until FX and Hulu made their decisions, we definitely took all the Will Poulter fancams as a good sign.

The 2023 Emmy Award nominations confirmed The Bear as a heavy competition hitter, even over a year after season 1’s release. Season 2 won’t be eligible until the 2024 competition, but it all just proves that everyone is hungry for The Bear even after its release.

Where to Watch

Watch The Bear Season 3 on Hulu for thrilling developments in Carmy and Sydney’s restaurant. Expect drama, surprises, and a talented ensemble cast. Streaming soon for your entertainment pleasure.

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