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The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

A Hoichoi thriller series called The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando debuted on November 11, 2022. Several people in an insurance firm suddenly passed away. Is everything normal, or is there a mystery? The online series is helmed by popular actor Rajatava Dutta. Sonamoni Saha and Kinjal Nanda play important roles with Rajatava. Watch out for details on the cast, genuine names of the characters, actresses, release date, and other specifics of The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando web series.

The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando Season 2 Release Date

Hoichoi began streaming The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando on November 11, 2022 The release date of Season 2 is yet to be confirmed. The series stars Rajatava Dutta, Kinjal Nanda, and Sonamoni Saha. Under the direction of Abhirup Ghosh, the show follows the adventures of two insurance agents for the Bengal Bima Company, Samudra (Kinjal Nanda) and Mohona (Sonamoni Saha). Samudra and Mohona are tasked with managing a straightforward case involving a claims investigation.

The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando Story

An auto driver was murdered in a “hit and run” accident in the village of Chilpota by a truck. As a formality, Samudra and Mohona are dispatched to the village to investigate the matter. But what appears to be a straightforward, genuine assertion turns out to be the very tip of a very large iceberg. A game of cat and mouse develops between the two and the enigmatic con artist (Rajatava Dutta), the gang’s mastermind, as they work to solve the mystery.

Director Abhirup Ghosh discussed the idea behind his next series, saying: “This tale throws a spotlight on the vulnerability associated with destitution  and a lack of formal education and how readily taken advantage of it is.” One cannot help but be in admiration of the character even as they see the antagonist’s heinous deeds. The Bengal Scam is a potboiler, or masala entertainment, at its core, and it seeks to amuse its viewers. All the necessary components are included: crime, excitement, drama, action, and a talented ensemble. I’m hoping the crowd will enjoy it.

In addition, Rajatava Dutta, who portrays the show’s mastermind Bidyut, stated: “In The Bengal Scam, I portray Bidyut, the person who plans the entire insurance scam network that infests the villages.” Bidyut is a fascinating man full of eccentricities. His cruelty is hidden under a certain nonchalance and humor that lends him an even darker air. He does not hesitate to kill someone for his own advantage, despite his strong belief in fate and astrology.

Analysis of The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando 

With the exception of Rajatava Dutta’s outstanding performance, this criminal thriller is unimpressive. The tale only seemed to be well-written throughout Rajatava Dutta’s early years, with the exception of those sequences in which he was present. You’ll get the impression of witnessing a daily soap opera from the remaining scenes.

Director Abhirup Ghosh, who has directed Rahasya Romancho Season 3, Byadh, and Brombhodoityo, failed miserably to bring a wonderful concept to life.

Review on The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando 

There were eight episodes in “The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando”‘s first season. The excellent thriller web series “The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando” is available on Hoichoi App. Even in the final scene of this series, there was suspense.

Why do we engage in insurance? Our lives are really erratic. Our lives can be upended by a severe illness, a natural calamity, or the loss of a loved one.

We so obtain insurance through a variety of organizations in order to have crucial and trustworthy financial assistance during such unfavorable circumstances.

Although there was no catastrophe, the insurance funds were useful. On them all, “The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando” is founded. However, it was good to see Rajatava Dutta in a bad character again after a hiatus. particularly the teenager who portrayed Rajatava Dutta in childhood.

Cast of The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando

The cast of The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando are as follows- 

  1. Kinjal Nanda, 
  2. Sonamoni Saha,
  3. Rajatava Dutta, 
  4. John Bhattacharya, 
  5. Debraj Mukherjee, 
  6. Koushik Bhattacharya, 
  7. Riyaa Ganguly, 
  8. Madhumita Mukherjee, 
  9. Subrata Ganguly, 
  10. Saswati Majumdar, 
  11. Judhajit Sarkar 

Where to Watch Bengal Scam: Bima Kando ?

The online OTT portal Hoichoi offers the Bengal Scam Bima Kando. 


How many episodes are there in Bengal Scam: Bima Kando ?

 There are total 8 episodes in Season 1.

Where to watch Season 1 of this series?

The online OTT portal Hoichoi offers the Bengal Scam Bima Kando.

What are the lead cast of this series?

The lead cast of the series are Kinjal Nanda, Rajatava Dutta and Sonamoni Saha. 

When will be Season 2 of this series releasing ?

The dates of season 2 are yet not confirmed. 

What type of series is Bengal Scam: Bima Kando ?

Bengal Scam: Bima Konda is a thriller series.


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