The Big Conn Season 2 Release Date Updates

Apple TV+ has brought us this new documentary about one of the biggest government cons in US history. It’s been quite a big year if we look at documentaries because about con artists we have already have from The Tinder Swindler to Bad Vegan. The Big Conn enlights the crime of Eric C Conn, a lawyer who deceived the Social Security Administration and drained more than 500 million dollars through his law firm. His will to become the first lawyer to go to space took him to be caught by the FBI in a Pizza Hut in the  Caribbean. This story is about a conman who swindled the government and landed in prison for 12 years and the possibility of 15 more years of jail time cause he attempted to escape from the country. Season 1 of The Big Conn ended and the fans are getting curious about whether it’s going to get a second season or not and many more questions related to it, we will try to answer as many as we can with our current knowledge and will keep you update as we will get any new information.

The Big Conn Season 2 Release Date

The Big Conn Season 2 Release Date
The Big Conn Season 2

The expected release date for The Big Conn Season 2 is by the year 2023 or later. Everyone attempting to find out about the release date of The Big Conn Season 2. moreover the television show is one among the foremost entertaining on apple tv+’s watchlist. The Big Conn season 1 left some thrill within the last episode and made viewers curious about The Big Conn Season 2. However, there’s no official release date yet declared for the upcoming Season 2 but still, we’ve been getting some insider information for the upcoming premiere from many trustworthy sources. In other words, we will keep fans updated on the subsequent season’s official release date you’ll be able to always check the most recent news on Thepoptimes.

In conclusion, 2023 or later is perhaps the expected date for The Big Conn Season 2. However, this might get delayed thanks to some different reasons. But will keep you posted about the updates. As well, we are expecting the official release date and teaser for The Big Conn Season 2 very soon. We hope you all enjoyed season 1 of The Big Conn. However, the suspense remains because it is for The Big Conn Season 2.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Big Conn Season 1 Release Date6 May 2022
The Big Conn Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Big Conn Season 2 Release Date

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The Big Conn Season 2 Story

Big Conn explores the story of Eric C Conn – a lawyer who conned the government and drained over half a billion dollars, making it one of the most important in US history. Conn, who was also referred to as ‘Mr. Social Security, was a lawyer in Eastern Kentucky when he took about $550 million from the Social Security Administration in disability payments using fake medical documents and paying numerous people to own Social Security claims passed.

After two whistleblowers came forward, Conn was indicted and pleaded guilty to charges of stealing from social insurance and bribing a federal judge in 2017 but fled the country some weeks before his court date. Six months later, he was caught at a Pizza Hut in La Ceiba and sentenced to 27 years in Kentucky federal prison, where the 61-year-old is currently incarcerated and won’t be eligible for release until 2040. Season 2 is going to get a continuation because there was still some suspense left at the end of the story in season 1.

The Big Conn Season 2 Cast

The Big Conn Season 2 Release Date
The Big Conn Season 2

Brian Lazarte and James Lee Hernandez were directors for The Big Conn Season 1. Along with three Executive producers Brian Lazarte, James Lee Hernandez, and Peter King, and two Co-Executive producers Matt Kaye and Shannon Pence. The cast also included Mason Tackett (Self – Former Musician, an employe of Eric Conn), Ned Pillersdorf (Self – Attorney – Prestonsburg, KY), and Eric C. Conn (Self – Lawyer (Archive Footage)). We don’t have any solid news about the cast for season 2 but I think that we may get to see the same cast for season 2 as well, there may be some minute changes according to the requirement of the show.  

Where To Watch The Big Conn Season 2

The Big Conn Season 1 was aired on Apple TV+ and is available to watch on it, so if we do get a second season of Big Conn there is a maximum probability of it being released on Apple TV as well.

The Big Conn Season 2 Trailer

Season two of The Big Conn is not announced yet so it is obvious that there isn’t any trailer for season 2 till now.

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