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The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Release Date: Announced?

As human beings, we all love gossip, secrets, and mysteries. We are not criminals, but we love crime stories. We all love to do adventurous things, at least in our imagination. And watching such stories provides us with the missing thriller in our life.

The Brokenwood Mysteries show provides this thrill with its detective drama storyline. The New Zealand crime-mystery tv series The Brokenwood Mysteries showcases investigations of various crimes. The story of this series follows detective inspector Mike Shepherd as he attempts to solve criminal cases.

This crime show, The Brokenwood Mysteries, is a binge-worthy Tv series with one hour and thirty minutes long episodes. The crime-mystery series has received a good rating of 7.9 on IMDb.

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Release Date

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Release Date
The crime-mystery drama Tv series The Brokenwood Mystery

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 1 released all the episodes from 28 September 2014 to 19 October 2014. After the pandemic break, the recent season, i.e. the seventh season, ran from 29 March 2021 to 3 May 2021.

The audience craves the eighth season. There’s a piece of good news for the fans. The Brokenwood Mysteries show got renewed for its eighth season. Although the release date is not known, the filming got over.

Soon we will have the release date as well. Meantime, the viewers can enjoy The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7.

SeasonsRelease Dates
The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 1 Release Date28 September 2014
The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Release Date

The Brokenwood Mysteries Story

Tim Balme, Philip Dalkin, James Griffin, and Greg McGee wrote The Brokenwood Mysteries show, a New Zealand crime-mystery drama Tv series. The series follows the investigation of detective inspector Mike Shepherd.

We have a detective inspector Mike Shepherd at the center of this series. He is the lead. The story of The Brokenwood Mysteries takes shape in Brokenwood, a fictitious town in New Zealand. But the series is shot in the greater Auckland. It depicts the crime mysteries and the investigation that follows in Brokenwood town.

The entire team has worked hard and efficiently. This one-hour and thirty minutes each episode show is thrilling entertainment for crime mystery fans.

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The Brokenwood Mysteries Cast

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Release Date
The crime-mystery drama Tv series The Brokenwood Mysteries

Neill Rea: Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd

Neill Rea plays the role of Mike Shephard, detective senior sergeant. This detective settles in Brokenwood for peace of mind. He has a lot of secrets, like his multiple marriages, a nephew with Down syndrome, his love for country music, and his car is all his secrets. He uses unconventional ways to pursue criminals.

Fern Sutherland: Detective Kristin Sims

Fern Sutherland portrays the role of Kristin Sims, a detective. She is a young and intelligent woman. Although being the best catch, she has had a lot of misfortune in her dating life. Her ways of working differ from that of Mike Shephard. But gradually, she learns to appreciate his ways, seeing the results.

Nic Sampson: Detective Constable Sam Breen

Nic Sampson plays the role of Sam Breen, a detective constable. An officer with embarrassing moments on-screen with the suspects. At the beginning of The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7, he moves to the Solomon Islands, as his girlfriend Roxy gets a new job there.

Jarod Rawiri: Detective Constable Daniel Chalmers

Jarod Rawiri portrays the role of Daniel Chalmers, a detective constable. He enters the series in the seventh season. As Sam Breen moved away with his girlfriend, he became the new replacement at Breen’s post at Brokenwood.

Cristina Ionda: Dr Gina Kadinsky

Cristina Ionda plays the role of Dr. Gina Kadinsky. Dr. Gina Kadinsky is the medical examiner and a Russian woman attracted to Mike Shepherd.

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Trailer

The Tv show successfully ran a total of 30 episodes with seven seasons.

The show’s viewers await the eighth season. The Brokenwood Mysteries show got renewed for its eighth season, and it has completed the shooting.

Although the release date is not confirmed, we expect The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 release date to get announced at its trailer release. So, there will be a trailer released for The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 anytime soon.

Where To Watch The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8?

The New Zealand crime-mystery drama series The Brokenwood Mysteries Tv show consists of 30 episodes till now. All the episodes of The Brokenwood Mysteries from Season 1 to 7 are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Videos. Soon The Brokenwood Mysteries will get released; it will get screened on TVNZ1 in New Zealand. Later, The Brokenwood Mysteries might be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.

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