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The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Release Date News!

It is a Japanese manga series set in the 19th century in Paris. It is written by Jun Mochizukia and directed by Tomoyuki Itamura. It was adapted by Bones as anime television series on March 28, 2021, and aired in July 2021. Its English Dub is available on Funimation to stream. As soon as the first episode was released, it became worldwide famous in no time. It managed to get 7.7 on IMDB and 95% of Google Users liked the show. Fans have been shipping Jeanne and Vanitas but this relationship is not simple. Vanitas said that he loved everything about Jeanne.

She is strong, beautiful, and very sensitive but what he loves most about her is the fact that she would never love him back. Although this seems not to be true as it is seen that Jeanne blushes when she is around him and she also sucked his blood and thus leaving her mark on him. On the other hand, there is Noe, who is falling for Jeanne, and Domi, who is clearly in love with Noe. This makes the love square slightly complicated.

Here are all the details we know about The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Release Date.

The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Release Date

The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2

The anime’s first episode was released on July 3, 2021, and aired 12 episodes. The last episode was released on September 18, 2021. Before the filming of the final episode began, the Twitter handle announced the second season. According to the official website of the series, it was announced that the total number of episodes in season 2 will be twenty- four. So far, we still don’t have any dates regarding the release of season two. Fans will have to wait for the official announcement although it is expected for season 2 to be released somewhere around the first few months of 2022. And it is released on 15 January 2022.

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The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Plot

The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Release Date

The plot of the story revolves around The Book of the Vanitas which is a cursed grimoire. Noe 5 Archivist wants to find that book. He was, once, saved by a Vanitas, who claims to receive a name. Then, the two got together and had an amazing journey together. In the first season one, Vanitas fell in love with Jeanne forgetting that Noe is alone. He was on a date with her in the last episode, realized she came for her after Lord Ruthven permitted her. When Vanitas returns to the hotel, he finds Noe sleeping peacefully.

What he doesn’t know is that Ruthven had already used his powers on Noe so that he would follow his orders. Later, Vanitas is informed by Dante that he spotted Gevuadan, La Bete after a century. Hearing this, Vanitas is all ready to find them. The fans are excited to see how the story in season two develops. Vanitas’ relationship with Noe will be under Ruthven’s evil control.

Vanitas will look for La Bete and it is expected that he might learn the truth behind vampires, the cursed species. It is also expected that the audience might get to see the intentions of Charlatan which is a secret organization. To know what happens, we have to wait for the season to release.

The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Characters

The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Release Date

The characters include Vanitas voiced by Natsuki Hanae and Zeno Robinson was bitten by a vampire and became a part of the blue moon and have the grimoire by which he cures the vampires. Noe Archiviste voiced by Kaito Ishikawa is a vampire and can read people’s minds and is looking for a book

. Vanitas of the Blue Moon was the first blue moon vampire and creator of “The Book of the Vanitas”. He was voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara and Romi Park. Jeanne, voiced by InoriMinase, is also known as Hellfire Witch. She is attracted to Vanitas but is also embarrassed to accept the truth. Shino Shimoji, who voiced Lucius ‘Luca” Oriflamme, is searching The Book of Vanitas. He believes that this book can cure his older brother. Along with these main characters, there are many side characters too.


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