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The Deep Season 4 Release Date Updates

Animations are ruling the world with their amazing story, graphics, character developments, and their fantastic connection with reality even. If you are new to this genre then Tomodachi, you are missing out on something huge. Start watching anime and reading manga, believe me, you will fall in love with both Japanese and Chinese animation that too, hard. Now as you think about this, do you enjoy Animations and cartoons? I am hoping you do, as they don’t really have any age constrictions. 

Today I am going to discuss an animation that gained quite an audience base and fluttered the hearts of many. 

 Without further beating around the bush, I will start right away with the news and updates about this animation. The action, drama, comedy, science fiction adventure CGI animated series is based on a comic book. 

Created by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer, the Canadian animation was directed by Trent Carlson. Produced by Technicolour SA, the animation to date has 3 seasons with a total number of 52 episodes. The action-adventure runs for approximately 22 mins each. Distributed by DHX Distribution, the animation made its debut on 1st December 2015. 

The Canadian Tv series, as I said, gained quite a lot of popularity. It has been rated 7.9 from IMDb, and an 89% Audience vote as well. Did you watch this? If not then as the saying goes; start binge-watching now or never! 

The Deep Season 4 Release Date

The last season i.e., season number 3 broadcasted in 2019. It’s been more than 2 years already. While there is no official confirmation, that doesn’t mean that the show is canceled or won’t return. I come bearing news that will definitely make your day, I promise. The showrunners announced that the Season 4 project is on, as they are currently working on its progress. So, there is still hope. 

Although there is no official declaration, we can feel assured by the words of the showrunners, right? With a positive reception and a huge fan base eager to watch season 4, we are hoping for its renewal. 

The only news that reached our ears is that this season will have 13 episodes. 

Till then go and watch this animation or if you have completed it then keep your fingers crossed! 

The Deep Season 3 Release Date3 March 2019
The Deep Season 3 End Date15 March 2019
The Deep Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet

The Deep Season 3 Story

The Deep Season 4 Release Date
The Deep

This season is full of surprises and shocks. You remember the huge creature, the ones that were in a deep slumber. Yes, you’re thinking right. Those creatures with the power to change the words suddenly awaken. What will happen now? Ant, Will, Fontaine, and Kaiko must come together and put The Monumental back to sleep. For that to happen they must harness the secrets from the city of Lemuria. As they are running against time will they be successful? Or will further obstacles block their path?


The Deep Season 2 Story

This season will focus on the Nekton family as they try to figure out the exact location of Lemuria. Not sharing more than this. Where will the fun lie then, right? You go and watch while I give you a short brief about the animation.  

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The Deep Season 1 Story 

The animation features the life of the Nekton family, underwater explorers; living under the state-of-the-art submarine. Traveling across they discover the unknown areas of Earth’s Ocean, unraveling their secrets as mysteries lie deep. 

The Deep Season 4 Characters

The Deep
The Deep

The Nekton family includes:

  1. Antaeus (Ant) Nekton
  2. Fontaine Nekton
  3. Will Nekton
  4. Kaiko Nekton
  5. Jeffrey


  1. Professor Fiction
  2. Agnes De-Kretser
  3. Bob Gorman
  4. Jess Gorman
  5. Lester
  6. Griffin and others


  1. Captain Hammerhead
  2. Smiling Finn
  3. Mad Madeline
  4. Danny Boy and others

Where To Watch The Deep Season 4?

You can watch the Tv show on Family Chrgd, the original network streaming platform. The show is also available on Netflix.

The Deep Season 4 Trailer

You will find the season 1 trailer attached to this article. The following season’s trailer is available on YouTube and other pages and OTT’s. 

I won’t take your time anymore. You start watching the animation, while we get back ASAP, with the season 4 release news. 

Don’t forget to each the trailers then start streaming the show on either of the platforms of your convenience. Rewatching the entire series is not entirely bad either!

Happy Watch! 

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