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The Dilettante Chapter 39: Release Date, Predicted Story And More!

There are so many new anime coming out these days and the stories are always interesting. Since most of the anime series are based on their manga stories, new manga stories always bring more life to the audience. The one in discussion is one such interesting one today!

The Dilettante is a new manga series that has around 38 chapters to date and the audience has been loving it. The series has a worldwide audience and the love of it has been increasing over the episodes. The story is a depiction of the life of Lee Ha Ba and how she meets Giulio Parenti. While she is stuck in some unfortunate situations, checking out how she is going to get out of it is thrilling. 

The audience has been very interested in knowing about the series. This article consists of details about the release date of chapter 39, where to read and a lot more! So, if you are here for this, read further to know all about the chapter!

The Dilettante Chapter 39: Release Date

The Dilettante is the story of how Lee Ha Na gets connected to Giulio Parenti. The story tells us how she has no other family except her brother Lee Du Yi she loves. He is a part of the Underwater Demolition Team and has earned the title for not failing in any mission. 

Things go upside down when Lee Ha Na receives a message that her brother is dead in Cambodia. Well, turns out he is in danger and called her secretly. While she sets off to help her brother, she trusts a strange man named Giulio and falls for his trap.

All the audience is curious to see if Giulio will finally hear her or if he’s really playing with her. She deserves all the support and love, but if he does play with her, the show will turn in a different direction. She does have some of her own plans to change to game now.

Chapter 39 of The Dilettante is all set to air on 22 October 2023. The chapter will air in India at 6:00 PM on 22nd October, 2023. It will also air in Europe, Australia, Dubai and other countries on 22nd October itself. But with the English translations, it might take a while for it. 

The manga series is available to be read on Manta. While the episodes are not free, the audience is required to buy a subscription to continue reading the chapters. 


The Dilettante Chapter 39 Predicted Story

As described before, Lee Ha Na is on a mission to save her brother. But she meets Giulio Parenti who is a player and traps her. She gets to know this but she can not help but fall for his actions and charm. After spending the night together, she does not want to think about anything else other than how good the company feels. 

After he leaves, she calls Logan and asks him about her brother’s state. To her surprise, Logan tells her that Giulio requested to rescue her brother as well. She tries to keep Giulio safe from danger and has some preparations on standby as well. 

She does seem to be in the charm of Giulio but what lies underneath both their minds is something that we do not know yet. 

She has a helicopter that is on standby a few meters ahead, and a few weapons. While nobody knows her intentions, this seems like a very different plan as well. What is going to happen later is a mystery that the upcoming episode can only describe.

Stay tuned for more!


Frequently Asked Questions About The Dilettante 

1. When will The Dilettante be released?

The Dilettante chapter 39 is set to release on 22nd October, 2023

2. Where is The Dilettante available to read online?

The Dilettante is available to read on Manta. 

3. Who are the leads of The Dilettante?

The Dilettante is a story of Lee Ha Na and Giulio Parenti. 

4. What will happen in Chapter 39 of The Dilettante?

The Dilettante chapter 39 will talk about Lee Ha Na’s plan and what she is trying to pull off behind the back of everyone!

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