The Enemy Within Season 2 Release Date Updates

Thrilling shows with intriguing concepts and intelligent plot twists have always been a memorable background story among all the binge-watchers. A show on such a journey with suspicious situations and an addictive chase is ‘The enemy within’. As the title suggests the show plays around with the thought process that our haters, enemies, or people who harm us live amongst ourselves. It is another show that proves again that humans are indeed the greatest monsters.  This show has been notably created by the very talented Ken Woodruff. The show has originated in the United States under the incredible production company of 82nd West and Universal Television. The executive producers also made their honorable contributions. These producers include Ken Woodruff, Mark Pellington, and Vernon Sanders. The show has only one season that aired from February 25 to May 2019. The show has reached out to the audience so incredibly with its perfectly framed scenes and acting that it received many praises. It even received a very appreciable 7.1 out of 10. The perfection of the scenes is only due to the dedicated work of multiple editors that are namely: Finnian Murray, Mike Banas, Leon Martin, Elba Sanchez-Short, Chris Cibelli, James Kilton, Cary Israel, Nick Towle, and Michael Ruscio. The show was networked through NBC and the distributor was NBCUniversal Television Distribution.

The Enemy Within Season 2 Release Date

The Enemy Within Season 1 has had a long run of thirteen episodes all of which aired in 2019. The episodes hit the screens and surprised the audience with its first episode called ‘Pilot’ launching on February 25, 2019. The episodes of the show launched at an interval of seven days because the second episode named ‘Black Bear’ launched on March 4, 2019, and the third episode called ‘The Ambassador’s Wife’ was released on March 11, 2019. The release progressed in the same pattern. The first season finally ended May 20, 2019, with the episode called ‘Sierra Master’ launching that day. The fans were wholeheartedly looking forward to the second run of the show ‘The Enemy Within’. Unfortunately, it is rumored that the network of NBC has canceled the show for their reasons, but nothing has been officially announced yet. These reasons were said to be the falling ratings of the episodes. Let’s pray they change their minds and drop the second season of The Enemy Within.

Seasons Release Dates
The Enemy Within Season 1 Release Date 25 February 2019
The Enemy Within Season 1 End Date 20 May 2019
The Enemy Within Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
The Enemy Within Season 2 Release Date

The Enemy Within Season 1 Recap

The Enemy Within Season 2 Release Date
The Enemy Within

The previous season of ‘The Enemy Within’ revolves around the story of an extremely talented CIA Deputy Director with high potential. She was put inside the bars for ratting out her other agents since she was under stressful do-or-die situations. Later, she has an incredible turn of fate where she was again asked to assist harder crimes that the FBI agent called Will Keaton needed help with. Her high potential paid off as her skills her needed to catch a very dangerous group of Spies.

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The Enemy Within Season 2 Expected Story

The season of ‘The Enemy Within’ might stick to the action sequences and dramatic genre. They might start a new chapter highlighting the talent and credible work of the agents. Since there is no confirmation about its release, nothing can be said in particular.

The Enemy Within Season 2 Cast

The Enemy Within Season 2 Release Date
The Enemy Within

The main cast included Jennifer Carpenter who played the focus character called Erica J. Shepherd. She was a very skilled CIA Deputy Director of Operations. She starts as a villain but is needed besides the hero. Another crucial role was called Will Keaton who was played by Morris Chestnut. He is an FBI Agent that put Erica in jail but also needs her talent as an agent later to bring justice to his late fiancé. There are several other major and side characters.

Where To Watch The Enemy Within Season 2?

The credible clips and trailer of ‘The Enemy Within’ are up on YouTube for everyone to watch and get a brief idea of what the show is about. All the thirteen episodes of this dramatic U.S.-based show are available on several other OTT platforms and online websites. These platforms and websites include Vudu, Apple TV, VUDU Movie & TV Store, etc. The other place that will allow watching the show is Prime Video but it might have regional restrictions on some places. If the second season of ‘The Enemy Within’ is ever to release then they will most probably be released on these platforms themselves. Let us know what you think of the show and check out our other updated articles on the latest issues of the entertainment world.

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