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The Farads Season 1 Release Date, Episodes and Where to Watch

“The Farads” is a Spanish Thriller TV Series, storyline centers around Oskar. A typical boy with aspirations of establishing a gym. When is The Farads Season 1 Release Date? A dramatic turn when he encounters the enigmatic and affluent Farads family.

 Oskar is presented with an opportunity by the Farads to pursue his dream, but in exchange. He becomes entangled in the realm of international arms trafficking. Mariano Barroso and Polo Menárguez direct the series, weaving a captivating narrative that immerses viewers in Oskar’s journey and the intricate world of the Farads family. The Farads Season 1 Release Date, Episodes and where to watch everything you need to know are listed below.

 The Farads Season 1 Release Date

Los Farad Season 1 made its debut on December 12, 2023. A unique release strategy of dropping all eight episodes on the same day.

1: Import and Export

2: From Aluche to Marbella

3: Lions and In-Laws

4: Perestroika

5: Terrorist Manuel

6: Look the Other Way 

7: A New Species of Farad

8: The Final Decision

The series, boasting a captivating narrative directed by Mariano Barroso and Polo Menárguez. It revolves around Oskar’s seemingly ordinary life taking an unexpected turn when he encounters the mysterious and affluent Farads family. As viewers delve into each episode, they are taken on a suspenseful journey through themes like international arms trafficking and the intricate dynamics of the Farads.

As fans eagerly await the release of subsequent episodes. The interplay between the characters and the unfolding drama. It promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, making Los Farad a must-watch Spanish Thriller TV Series.

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The Farads Season 1 storyline

In Marbella during the 1980s, Oskar, a dreamer aspiring to establish a gym. Finds himself entwined with the captivating world of the Coast of the Sun. Collaborating with Sara Farad, he navigates through the jet-set lifestyle, eccentricities, and geopolitical intricacies. Los Farad, a mysterious family, unveils a new future for Oskar, marked by an unexpected trade: arms trafficking.

Mariano Barroso, the director, and co-creator of Los Farad expressed gratitude for the dedicated and well-coordinated team, emphasizing the challenges faced in bringing this fictional narrative to life. The storyline, crafted by Mariano Barroso and Alejandro Hernandez, transforms a real-life Marbella case from the 1980s into a thrilling saga of arms trafficking. This ambitious Prime Video production in Spain introduces viewers to the opulent lifestyle of 80s Marbella intertwined with the clandestine world of arms business within a family unit.

Despite the challenges, meticulous attention to detail in characterizations and settings, including luxurious vehicles evoking the ambiance of 80s Puerto Banus at Marina del Este, ensures an immersive experience. The grandeur of the stage set on the Port of Motril, featuring numerous screens, poles, trucks. The Commercial Dock of the Port alongside the Nautical Club, commands attention. A significant location, a large yacht docked at the Port, serves as a backdrop for scenes featuring Herran, Jezierski, and Tejero.

Stellar cast

The cast of Los Farad features Miguel Herrán portraying Oskar, Susana Abaitua taking on the role of Sara Farad, Pedro Casablanc embodying Leo Farad, Nora Navas portraying Carmen, Fernando Tejero as Manuel, Amparo Piñero as Tanya Farad, Adam Jezierski portraying Hugo Farad, Roberto Lezana as Mario, Igal Naor in the role of Abdel Mawad, Selim Clayssen as Jerome, Makram Khoury portraying Monzer Al Aasad, Vicky Araico as Gina, and more. Each actor contributes to the dynamic portrayal of characters, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative of this Spanish Thriller TV Series.

Executive produced by Fernando Bovaira, Simón de Santiago, Helen Martí Donoghue, Anxo Rodríguez, and Rafa Taboada, the show is meticulously crafted. Editors Jaime Colis and Ángel Hernández Zoido contribute to the seamless storytelling, ensuring that each episode maintains its suspenseful momentum.

Where to Watch

All episodes of Los Farad Season 1 are currently accessible for viewing on Prime Video, with no new episodes available. The series premiered on December 12, 2023, and falls under the genre of Mystery Thriller.

The official synopsis outlines the transformative journey of Oskar. A local boy, whose life takes a decisive turn upon encountering the mysterious and affluent Farad family. Oskar becomes a participant in a high-stakes game—the world of international arms trafficking. In Marbella, the luxurious realm of the Farads introduces him to a life of opulence, adrenaline, and intense emotions. However, beneath the surface lies a darker side of violence and cynicism that challenges Oskar’s determination.

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