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The Great North Season 4 Release Date: The Tobin Family Set to Return Again!

The fear of an empty nest is a big thing in every parent’s life. The leaving of your kids is inevitable someday. They all grow up and get busy with their lives, leaving the parents feeling bittersweet. On the one hand, they feel left out and lonely, and on the other, they are excited for their kids to begin their journey and make their place in the world. And The Great North revolves around this theme. The Tobin family, based in Alaska, goes through a series of unexpected adventures as BEEF, the dad, refuses to come to terms with the fact that someday his kids will have to leave.

A theme as full of possibilities as this one was an instant hit with everyone. The animated day-to-day of the dynamic Tobin family has been an absolute fan favorite since its first season was released on 3 January 2021. So it’s no doubt that everyone is impatient to know all about the 4 seasons of this charming series. And we’ll talk all about it today in this article.

The Great North Season 4 Release Date

The Great North Season 4 Release Date

We have very happy news for all of you because the Tobin family is coming back with Season 4 soon. Although we cannot say it came as a total surprise because judging by the popularity the series gained during this time, it’s no wonder that creators Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin decided to keep the show going!

The third season was released on 25 September 2022 and it’s still going strong. With a total of 22 episodes in this season, we can expect a lot of daily stories with our favorite characters. And add to it the fact that the show will soon be coming back as well, and our joy is unparalleled!

So although no specific dates have been announced yet, we can still expect the show to come back with the next season in the fall of 2024 and we could not be happier.

Name of the ShowThe Great North
Season Number 4
GenreAnimated Sitcom
The Great North Season 1 Release Date3 January 2021
The Great North Season 2 Release Date26 September 2021
The Great North Season 3 Release Date25 September 2022
The Great North Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Great North Overview

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The Great North Season 4 Story

For a show that only began last year in 2021, The Great North sure has reached an amazing success when it comes to the acquisition of devoted fans. And all of them are eager to know what the next season will bring with it.

Well, we cannot very accurately predict the next season’s story until the ongoing season 3 comes to an end. So, let’s go through what’s been cooking in the Tobin family this time around to get an idea.

Set in the fictional town of Lone Moose, Alaska, every season of The Great North whisks us away in the adventures of the lovely and quirky Tobin family. Their family dynamic is always a treat to watch. Every member of the Tobin family, from the overprotective dad to an outgoing sister, loves each other to death and is not afraid of showing it. So you can guess how it became a comfort watch for all!

With a warm-hearted, stoic but loving father like Beef, the series always maintains a familiar and homely vibe. It’s like a virtual manifestation of a big and fluffy hug! And Season 3 is no different! Change and nostalgia are in the air as the Tobin family discovers a new restaurant Crocodile Rob’s. Unwilling at first Beef joins in on the fun at the place and finds himself lost down memory lane. He reminisces about his time with Kathless and becomes misty-eyed.

Every single episode is written with such care and attention that you forget you are watching an animated series! And although we cannot accurately predict the plot for the fourth season until Season 3 is over, you can still expect your darling Tobin family to go on even more adventures filled with excitement, joy, and sometimes a few misty eyes.

The Great North Season 4 Characters

The Great North Season 4 Release Date

This heartwarming show gave us so many amazing characters! Like Nick Offerman as our burly but sweet Beef. That’s some excellent casting right there! Then we have Jenny Slate as Judy Tobin and the delightful Dulce Sloan as Honeybee.

With a cast like that, no wonder the show is a great hit. And you can count on all these characters (including many new ones we are sure) to still be a part of the fourth season.

The Great North Season 4 Trailer

Though announced, Season 4 of the series has not been released yet. We doubt it’s even in production right now. So there is no trailer available. But you can watch the preview of the currently ongoing season 3 on Youtube.

Where to Watch The Great North Online?

As you must be well aware by now, the fourth season hasn’t been released yet because the third season is still ongoing so there’s no way to watch Season 4 anywhere online. But you can go over to Disney Hotstar or Hulu and stream the previous seasons online anytime!

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