The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

The Gymnastics Samurai is a famous Japanese anime series based on gymnasts. This series was directed by Hitoshi Shimizu and written by Shigeru Murakoshi. Mappa produced this series. Masaru Yokoyama composed the music of this series. Characters were designed and created by Kasumi Fukagawa. The first season of The Gymnasts Samurai was premiered on Funimation from 2020 October till 2020 December. The first season consisted of 11 episodes. This article cover information regarding The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Release Date and other details.

The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there are no official updates regarding the second season. There is no confirmed news regarding the release date of season 2 announced by the makers yet. The first season was premiered in October 2020 to December 2002 consisted of 11 episodes in total. We will update bere soon as soon as the official dates will be confirmed by the makers.

The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Characters

The characters included in this anime is like this .Jotaro Aragaki is a gymnast and the main character whose voice was given by Daisuke Namikave.Leonardo Sturges was the former ballet dancer whose voice was given by Kensho Ono.Tetsuo Minamino was a 17 year old gymnast whose voice was given by Austin Tindle.Noriyuki Analysis was in the character of Jotaro Aragaki coach whose voice was given by Kenyu Horiuchi.Rei Aragaki was Jotaro’s daughter thode voice was given by Rina Honnizumi .Mari Aragaki was Jotaro’s mother whose voice was given by Atsuko Tanaka.

The Gymnasts Samurai Season 2 characters

Tomoyo Aragaki was Jotaro’s wife and Rei’s mother whose voice was given by Kotono Mitsuishi. Bigbird Aragaki’s voice was given by Kappei Yamaguchi. Tomoki Takizawa’s voice was given by Hiroyuki Yoshino.Naohiko Nakanomori voice was given by Daisuke Hirakavi.Atsushi Dojima’s voice was given by Kaito Ishikawa. Shige Nishikiori’s voice was given by Daisuke Ono. Hiro Okamachi’s voice was given by Kengo Kawanishi. Ryu Ryusho’s voice was given by Hiroshi Kamiya. Kitty Zhang’s voice was given by Minami Tanaka. Britney’s voice was given by Tikiya Koyomar.

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The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Plot

In the year 2002,the Japanese team was not performing well as of their previous records.Jotaro Aragaki was the professional gymnast and an ex Olympian.However despite being the best performer he didn’t received gold in his journey.Noriyuki was his coach and suggested to take retirement to him when his older age and shoulder injury started affecting his performance and career.During this situation Jotaaro went with his daughter to Edo Wonderland.But after his return he somewhere changes his decision and announced to continue his gymnast further instead of retiring at a press conference.During their journey they came across a foreigner Ninja who follows then till their home and then introduced him as Leo.First season left so many questions unanswered.Is there is any appearance of Leo in season 2?Will Jotaro will took retirement in season due to his injury and ave issue?

The Gymnasts Samurai Season 2 trailer

The Gymnastics Samurai Season 2 Trailer

There are no official words regarding the season 2 will it return or not. As of now, no confined news has been announced by the makers. here is the trailer of the first season below. You can watch the whole series on Funimation if you haven’t watched the first season yet.

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