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The Hair Tales Season 2 Release Date: The Show Is Coming Back With New Tales?

All hair be it thin, thick, straight, curly, black, white, or colored has a story behind it but have you heard of them, or have you ever thought of talking about them? The hair holds a story not only in terms of style or fashion or beauty but beyond it. It also talks about identity, culture, resilience, problems, and situations. But have you ever come across tales around hair that through hair talk about other things in life, well not really, right?

Thanks to Tracee Ellis Ross, we have got a series that takes us through such a journey where some renowned and strong Black women tell the story in the most honest and raw manner around their hair and beyond. The series is not just a love letter to Black women in general who have to go through a lot of things just because of their hair and their unique identity but the stories relate to every woman and celebrate their unique identity and culture.

Fans who have watched this docuseries have been wondering and wanting a second season of the series as it has received such good reviews and has been acclaimed for its unique approach. So let us tell you everything and answer all your questions and much more through this article

The Hair Tales Season 2 Release Date

The Hair Tales Season 2 Release Date

After the success of the unique docuseries released recently, has created a lot of demand for more such shows that celebrate different identities, and culture but most importantly the show has also created a demand for another season as the fans want to know more and hear from more women leading to the hopes for a second season. But is it really releasing?

Unfortunately, the answer is still unknown as nothing has been released by the team of the show on the plans for another season of the show. This, in turn, means that for the time being there is no second season or any release date, and neither the show has been renewed nor canceled for another season. But this also means that all of you who are yet to catch up on the series should watch as soon as possible and hear the wonderful and unique tales.

Name of the ShowThe Hair Tales
Season NumberSeason 2
The Hair Tales Season 1 Release Date22 October 2022
The Hair Tales Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Hair Tales Season 2 Overview

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The Hair Tales Season 2 Story

The story of the show can be described as a celebration card to all the women especially black women to embrace and adorn and enjoy their identity, culture, and their beautiful hair. This docuseries uses the medium of hair to take its audience through the journey of black women and their beauty and identity. The series through 6 renowned and ground-breaking Black women takes the audience on a journey of stories and discussions and lets them say the raw and real stories.

The women will not just talk about joyful and happy moments but also some painful and horrifying facts relating to their hair with utmost honesty which also feels relatable to a lot of women in several terms and not just in terms of hair. The docuseries takes the medium of hair to talk about a lot of things that women face all around the world. The series specifically is made out of their needing to voice out Black life and their resilience through the medium of hair but as we said it is not just restricted to Black women but might be found relatable to all other women as well.

The Hair Tales Season 2 Cast

The Hair Tales Season 2 Release Date

The cast of the coming of the age show includes strong and impactful women of the time who make this docuseries not just enjoyable but really different and empowering which will make you love yourself and your hair. The cast includes Marsai Martin, Issa Rae, Oprah Winfrey, Chloe Bailey, Chika, Ayanna Pressley, and Milah Dee. All of them share their own hair tales in all its terms and how they adore them. This in fact makes the show pretty captive and will make you feel good because being different is not wrong so enjoy it and embrace it like a pro. In terms of the second season, nothing has been released yet which includes the list of the cast as well.

The Hair Tales Season 2 Trailer

The first glance is that one move that makes or breaks the deal when it comes to movies, or shows. That one glance is the trailer that grabs the most attention and when it comes to the docuseries, it has definitely done the job. Haven’t seen it yet? If not then tune the official YouTube channel Hulu to watch the trailer and get to know more about the show, and we can tell you that if the story has excited you then the trailer will definitely make you want to watch the show. In terms of the trailer for the second season, nothing has been released yet as there has been no announcement on the release of the second season yet.

Where To Watch The Hair Tales Season 2 Online?

To hear out the tales of hair, culture, beauty, and pride from different women which also gives a different view to the female identity in a different light you have got to watch the series if you haven’t already. Don’t know where you will get the series? let me tell you, that the docuseries is available for streaming on Hulu and OWN. As we mentioned earlier that it is not yet known whether the series will have a second season or not, so it is unlikely to confirm for the time being where will the second season stream. However, till that time enjoy the first season and its 4 interesting and enjoyable episodes.

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