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The Honor at Magic High School Season 2 Release Date Updates!

The Honor at Magic High School Season 2 is a recently released anime series that is actually a spin-off of the anime series The Irregular at Magic High School which also received an anime adaptation recently. Some fans think that the original anime was a bit better and had a better plot setup than the spin-off one. As of now, the spin-off anime has only 1 season with 13 episodes which aired recently in 2021.

The Honor At Magic High School Season 2 Release Date

Since The Honor at Magic High School is a spin, the chances of The Honor at Magic High School getting a second season is very low. However, the main series is expected to get a new installment soon. The studio involved with this anime is also the studio behind the anime Strike The Blood and recently an OVA of Strike the Blood has been announced but no information regarding The Honor at Magic High School has been declared.

Name Of The ShowThe Honor At Magic High school
Season NumberSeason 2
Genreaction drama
The Honor At Magic High School season 1 Release Date3 July 2021
The Honor At Magic High School Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

The Honor At Magic High School Season 2 Plot

The Honor at Magic High School Season 2 Release Date

The plot appears to be dealing with a very rare theme. The world in which the anime has set up deals with magic. But there is a twist, normally we get to see a clash between magic and science for a dispute regarding superiority, a norm is not only inbound in anime only but to other forms of media. But in the anime of The Honor at Magic High School, we get to see magic getting perceived in a new refreshing perspective.

Here, in the world of The Honor at Magic High School, magic is perceived as a form of science, a natural phenomenon, there is no clash or conflict of any sort rather the world has adapted itself to having magic as just another form of natural phenomenon.

Even a century ago the time in which the main story of the anime is set in magic was considered as a supernatural concept, a thing that actually does not exist. However, with time, the concept of magic has gradually been accepted worldwide and is now used as a technological medium in daily means by people. Even a lot of institutions have been established which revolve around magic and its concepts.

The institutions aspire to train and shape young generations to use most of the phenomenon of magic. Out of the nine institutions that deal with magic and other related stuff, National Magic University Affiliated High School also is popularly known as First High holds a high reputation.

However, getting enrolled in the institution is extremely difficult. The institution divides the enrolled students into two segments which are called Course 1 and Course 2 respectively and this division is based on the scores of the student on their entrance exam while getting enrolled into the institution.

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This leads to relentless discrimination among the students as the students of Course 1 seriously look down upon the students of Course 2 and consider them inferior. This creates a hostile mood wrapped in lots of conflicts. The discrimination went to an extent where the Course 1 student started calling them “Blooms” indicating that they are potential youth that will thrust their country to greater glory and the Course 2 students as “Weeds” indicating that there one’s that holding back progress and needs to be disposed of for being useless.

Things kicked off from the point when two siblings Tatsuya Shiba and Miyuki Shiba get admitted into the institution. But things get a bit complicated when Tatsuya gets enrolled in Course 2 and Miyuki in Course 1. Miyuki is a kind-hearted beauty who is also very talented and intelligent and is widely regarded for that while her brother Tatsuya lacks in the department of skills but still has potential.

Miyuki holds a soft spot for her brother and she feels bad for Tatsuya when he gets looked down upon or gets disregarded. Even though Miyuki gets all the attention even from their own father, Miyuki can’t help but feel bad for her brother whom she considers far more of a genius than her.

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The Honor At Magic High School Season 2 Characters

Tatsuya Shiba- The Japanese voice of Tatsuya Shiba is provided by Yûichi Nakamura. He is a Japanese voice actor from Takamatsu, Japan.  He is also a YouTuber. His unique voice filled with clarity and calmness makes it stand out more. He is a well-known voice artist and has a huge fan base. Some of his notable roles are as Bruno Bucciarati in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Tetsurō Kuroo in Haikyuu!!, Reinhard Van Astrea in Re:Zero, Satoru Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen etc.

Miyuki Shiba- Sayori Hayami from Tokyo, Japan famous for her remarkable roles such as Shinobu Kocho in Demon Slayer, Himawari in Boruto, Yukinoshita in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Fubuki in One Punch Man, and many more, also provides the Japanese voice for Miyuki Shiba. She was born on May 29, 1991.

The Honor At Magic High School Season 2 Trailers

The Honor At Magic High School season 2 does not have any kind of teaser or trailer available. Once we receive an official confirmation regarding the happening of the second installment we will surely have a trailer soon.

The Honor At Magic High School Ratings

This anime series was so average that it only received to manage an IMDb rating of 5.7 out of 10.

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The Honor At Magic High School: FAQs

1. Where to watch The Honor at Magic High School online?

It is available to watch on Netflix.

2. What is the release date of The Honor at Magic High School season 2?

The release date for the second installment is not announced as there is no update regarding it.

3. Is there a trailer for The Honor at Magic High School season 2?

No, we don’t have any teaser or trailer available right now.

4. How many episodes are there in The Honor at Magic High School?

The total number of episodes is 13.

5. When was the first episode of The Honor at Magic High School season 1 released?

It was released on 3rd July 2021.

6. Is the story for The Honor at Magic High School season 2 known?

No, not yet.

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