the i-Land season 2 release date seems unexpected!

Science fiction series are loved by people all over the world. If the series is based on a science fiction story and also has a thundering pack of thrill, then, don’t you think it will be a perfect show for the people who love watching drill as well as sci-fi series? Of course, yes! The I-Land is exactly the show for them. Although it is a mini-series, it has received positive and overwhelming responses from the audience. After its first season ended, people are in search of the information and updates that could lead them to The I-Land season 2 release date. And you must have landed here because you are also one of them. So without any further ado, let’s go into the details of The I-Land season 2.

Is The I-Land Season 2 Happening?

The series was a limited series that means it will be heartbreaking for the fans to know that there are very few chances of the show to return. This means there is a strong probability in the favour of not happening of The I-Land season 2. However, fans are still expecting it to arrive as the ratings are satisfactory and on that basis, Netflix can renew it for the second season but anything right now is unpredictable. Moreover, the way in which the first season was finalized, seemed complete, and hence, to expect the show to return for taking the plot to the next stage also has fewer chances. Well, apart from all these, the creators are still not done about the announcement of the official cancellation. Therefore, there’s still a little hope among the fans.

The I-Land Season 2 Release Date

The first season made its way on Netflix on 12th September 2019. The story was narrated in 7 episodes and all of them were released on the same day. the official trailer drops it before the audience on 29th August 2019 and the mini-series was able to win people’s hearts. Even though there are fewer expectations of the second season, still we can protect a little about the upcoming installment’s release date. In case, Netflix renews the show, The I-Land season 2 can release sometime in 2022.

The I-Land Season 2 Cast

Natalie Martinez and Kate Bosworth were part of the first season by playing the role of Gabriela Chase and KC respectively. Next in the list of cast members include Kyle Schmid as Moses, Ronald Peet as he is portraying the character of Moses, and Sibylla Deen as Blair. Apart from all these actors, there are many personalities that have joined the shows and did complete justice to the characters. If the show returns, The I-Land season 2 can have the main cast in their reprised roles. Few new faces can also be seen.

The I-Land Season 2 Plot

It is way too far to predict in which direction the show can lead us in the second season. Keeping in mind the previous storyline, we can say that the second season might bring up an entirely new story that will have new criminals and a different world.

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