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The Killer Based on Which Book ?

With the translation and English publication of The Killer, the narrative was quickly accessible to a larger readership and spread across thirteen volumes. Between 1998 and 2014, two comic books published by Archaia Studio Press combined the volumes. A follow-up would debut in 2020 and run until 2022.

The comic books penned by Alexis Nolent, sometimes known as Matz, and illustrated by Luc Jacamon served as the inspiration for the movie. The plot of the show centers on an unidentified assassin, a botched assignment, and a lethal rivalry between his employers.

The Killer Based on Which Book ?

The Action-Thriller Genre: The Killer

It is true that The Killer on Netflix is a version of a highly regarded graphic novel series. Alexis “Matz” Nolent wrote the original content, which is a French graphic novel with illustrations by Luc Jacamon. It has received recognition for its gripping and compelling story.

The multi-volume series originally appeared on bookstore shelves in 1998 and held readers’ attention until its most recent release in 2017. For Fincher, who has been working with screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, who is most known for his work on “Se7en,” since 2007, bringing this narrative to the big screen, this adaptation is a momentous occasion.

Under the guidance of director Fincher and star Michael Fassbender, The Killer becomes more than simply another hit-man movie; rather, it’s a cinematic masterpiece that explores the character’s mind in great detail. It may not appeal to every viewer, particularly those who are looking for nonstop action or traditional storytelling, but for those who value its distinct style, it provides a complex, artistic, and thought-provoking experience. For those who are interested in a more in-depth, intellectual interpretation of the thriller genre, the film is well worth seeing because of its masterful blending of style and content.

Story and Climax of The Killer 

Michael Fassbender portrays an anonymous assassin who is conducting an assassination operation in Paris when we first encounter him. While eagerly awaiting the intended audience to return to his Paris flat, Fassbender waxes lyrical in his voiceover about his life and work. Placed out in an empty WeWork building, Fassbender wakes up periodically during the night to see whether his prey is still there. And sure enough, his target was home the one time he woke up to check. A rich businessman who brings home a stunning woman is the target. She starts taking her clothing off for him.

Fassbender feels the situation, and gets rid of his guns before the cops show there, horrified at his own error. When he phones Hodges (Charles Parnell), his boss, a lawyer, he finds him unhappy and demands that they do whatever the client who commissioned the hit asks of them in order to make up for the error.

After taking an aircraft to his Dominican Republic residence, Fassbender learns that his lover Magdala (Sophie Charlotte) has been the victim of an attack. She’s in the hospital with severe injuries, but she’s alive. Fassbender wants to exact his retribution. Using information from his girlfriend’s brother, who claims that the assailants showed up in a green taxi, Fassbender locates the driver and gives him a hard shake in exchange for information.

After that, Fassbender visits Hodges, his employment as a lawyer. According to Fassbender, Hodges persuaded him to leave law school and become an assassin for him. He enters Hodges’ office under false pretenses and asks for the phone numbers of the two attackers of his fiancée. Fassbender shoots Hodges with a nail gun and ruins his laptop when Hodges refuses. (It’s unclear why Fassbender didn’t just take the laptop and look for the contact information on them; perhaps he just preferred to go the difficult route.) However, Hodges won’t divulge the assailants’ identities even as he lies dying. Furthermore, Hodges must pass away sooner than Fassbender thought.

The Ending of The Killer

In The Killer, Fassbender visits his rich client Claybourne (Arliss Howard), who hired him first and then reportedly ordered a hit on him when he missed. This is Fassbender’s last destination. When Fassbender inquires as to whether they are having any problems, Claybourne is adamant that he is not. Following the disastrous work, Claybourne says Hodges offered to “clean the trail,” but Claybourne accepted without even knowing what that meant. Although Fassbender lets him live, he makes a vow to murder Claybourne painfully if he causes any problems. Fassbender makes his way back to his Dominican Republic home in the film’s last scene. Magdala, his girlfriend, is now well. Fassbender asserts in a voice-over that he just took certain actions to feel safe in retirement.


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