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The Mafia Dolls Season 3 Release Date And Spoilers

With passing years, the web platforms are receiving more and more audiences; the most visited platforms being Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney plus. The competition is very high. It’s for Netflix to decide on the content that would pique the interest of the viewers and will capture their attention. One such content is the crime genre which always attracts the audience’s interest. And what can intrigue it more is, when the show has handsome men, hot women, human traffickers, cars, power, murder, etc.  

Netflix introduces us to The Mafia Dolls, a Colombian Telenovela first premiered on Charcoal Television in September 2009. A renewed Season was released by Netflix on 15 March 2019. The series received an average rating, 6.8 from IMDb. Now, the main question is, will there be a new season?

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The Mafia Dolls Season 1 Story

It tells the story of five young girls; Brenda, Olivia, Violeta, Renata, and Pamela. The girls under some chain of events get involved with some drug dealer in Columbia. They either end up being dead or they are faced with plenty of difficulties for the rest of their life by the end of the season. In short, all the five have a very sad ending. This Season has 58 episodes. 

The Mafia Dolls Season 2 Story

The Mafia Dolls Season 3
The Mafia Dolls

Original Network is back now with a new Season having now partnered with Netflix to release the renewal. This Season is running for 60 episodes.  

Picking up eight years after the event, Season 2 shows two more new characters, Lucrecia and Olivia. It follows the life of the girls and their struggle to leave their tainted past. This season is quite striking and steamy, portraying the sex and power which is very dominant in this series. Women are demeaned by the egoist male chauvinist society, the seasons especially Season 1 highlight how women are treated in the patriarchal society. 

Throughout the season they get further and further embroiled in a trap, a situation from where they cannot come out. Their ties with the drug kingpin Braulio Bermudez lead to a number of dangerous episodes and they get stuck because of their ties with him, his family, and his lieutenants.

This season has everything that makes you stay glued to the screen; kidnapping, murder, blackmail, revenge. The girls now with power and hungry for revenge, show how they face it all. This is a real comeback in this Season. This is a very interesting story to see how easy-going life is never a good choice. If you still get to enjoy it then, do so while it lasts. Because this show shows how tough life can get, and you have to give it your all to survive otherwise you’re as good as dead. 

Brace yourself for 41 hours as the Season is a definite binge watch. Now that you know what the story is all about just go and watch the series. I am not going to give away the spoilers!

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The Mafia Dolls Season 3 Release Date

The Mafia Dolls Season 3
The Mafia Dolls

Season 1 spanned for a long time, so it’s quite uncertain as to whether a new season will be released or not. So, there’s no real update. The fan response was not bad and it received an average rating as well, so there’s still some hope.

But, going back to the time that the show is taking with Seasons being so long. It can be assumed that the release may take a while because of its grand production. You may hear good news by the end of December. If you don’t keep your fingers crossed for the next year. Till then, if you have not watched the series yet, then watch here it on Netflix.

The Mafia Dolls Season 3 Cast

As for the main characters you’ll have; Amparo Grisales as Lucrecia Rivas, Fernando Solórzano [es] as Braulio Bermúdez, Angélica Blandón as Brenda Navarrete, Katherine Escobar as Olivia Rengifo, Alejandra Sandoval as Violeta Manrique and Andrea Gómez as Pamela Rojas. You’ll really enjoy the life and troubles of these five young girls, and how danger doesn’t seem to leave them alone for once.

Well, I shared what you need to know about the series. If you haven’t yet watched this exciting series.

Now is the time to go and watch!


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