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The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Release Date Could Bring Sheng Kingdom To An End!

Love Asian period dramas then I guess you must be aware of this famous Chinese series that we will talk about. The Promise of Chang’an released in 2020 has been one of the famous period dramas among the various Chinese dramas that have been released in the period or romance genre. The series was directed by Yin Tao and written by Liu Fang and Cheng Tingyu. The fans after the first season ended started thinking and hoping for another season and a new storyline that can take place in the series.

As this year ends the fans are still hoping for some news and information on the famous and acclaimed series which has such good performance, cinematography, and storyline. And guess what, we are here to give you an update on the second season of the series, so let’s find out together what is planned for the future in terms of the series.

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Release Date

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Release Date
The Promise Of Chang’an

We know that all the fans who love watching period dramas specifically Asian period dramas are quite big fans of this series because of the roller-coaster ride of emotions that it has given in season 1 and also became the reason for the audience to demand another season. But the unfortunate news is, that there is still no announcement or information about the release of the second season or renewal of the series for a new season by the makers. But then we are keeping a close look at all the news and updates on the series and as soon as we get to know about the series, we will make sure to update you all about it. Till then, you can enjoy the first season if you haven’t already or re-watch it.

Name of the ShowThe Promise Of Chang’an
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreHistorical Romance Drama
The Promise Of Chang’an Season 1 Release Date10 September 2020
The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Overview

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The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Story

The Chinese period drama by Yin Tao is based on the tale of the Sheng Kingdom which is under the rule of Empress Dowager Xianzhen, Helan Mingyu. The story takes you through the journey of all the hurdles, successes along trials, and tribulations that take place in the kingdom. Helan also gets to know the prince Xiao Chengxu and both gradually start having feelings for each other, but as you know the love story can never be easy or without some twists.

And the same takes place here as well which we will keep a secret from you but we can give you one spoiler Helan is married forcefully to someone else other than Chengxu because of a dreadful rumor. After the series takes a big turn I can tell you all will not let you leave the screen at all. So to find out what exactly happens in the series, watch the first season. In terms of the second season, nothing has been revealed as of now, so we cannot really make any assumptions or predictions about it in terms of the story as well.

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Cast

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2
The Promise Of Chang’an

The cast of the famous Chinese historical drama The Promise of Chang’an includes amazing and renowned talented actors who have led the series to such heights and have brought in so much demand for a new season. The cast includes Cheng Yi playing Xiao Cheng Xu, Zhao Ying Zi playing Lan Ming Yu, Han Dong playing King Xiao Cheng Rui, Han Chengyu playing Xiao Qi Han, and Yang Chaoyue. It also includes He Zhong Hua playing the role of Xiao Cheng Li, Vicky Liang playing Ling Zhen Er, Wu Jing Jing playing Helan Yun Qi, Zhao Dong Ze playing Xiao Qi Yuan, Vera Zhang playing Qiao Hui Fei, Liu Meng Meng playing Helan Wan Yin, Zhao Wen Hao playing Xiao Cheng Xuan and Huang Yi playing Su Yu Ying.

Apart from this the series also includes Fu Fang Jun, Li Ze, Aaron Xue, Fu Meng Ni, Li Jun Yi, Wang Gang, Shen Bao Ping, Dong Hui, Feng Li Jun, Ma Jing Han, Tao Si Yuan, Zhang Yi Luan, Wang Lu Xin, Zhu Xiang Yang, Tan Li Min, Chen Li Ying, Jess Zhang, Christine Zhwng, Lu Chen Yue, Dong Li Wu You, Zhou Ao Yun, Yang Jing Tian, He Jia Yi, and Bo Zhi Yi. Well, this list is not just the only list but the cast members include even more actors which you will get to know as you start watching the series if you haven’t already. In terms of the second season, nothing has been released yet but if any information is released by the team, then you all know that we will keep you all updated with all the information. 

The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2 Trailer

As we mentioned earlier that nothing has been released yet in terms of the release of season 2 therefore it is very unlikely that there is going to be any trailer right now. However, if you are new to this series and like the story that we have shared above then you can definitely have a look at the trailer of season 1 which is available on the official YouTube channel of Viki Global TV. In the channel, you will also get the chance to see some clips of various episodes which were best in the particular episode. This gives you a lot of options to get a glimpse of the series before watching the entire season at once.

Where To Watch The Promise Of Chang’an Season 2?

As of now, we do not have any information that whether the series will be released with a season 2 or not which also means that we do not have any information about the platform where it might get released at all it will be released. But this does not mean that you cannot watch at all. If you are new to the series or want to re-watch the series again then you can have a lot of options to choose from in terms of platforms. The 57-episode series is available on Viki, WeTv, MX Player, and Amazon Prime Video. So, choose whichever suit you among the options and enjoy the series may be by the time you finish, the second season might get released.

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