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The Promise Season 5 Release Date Is Still Unknown!

The Promise also called Yemin is one of the most popular Turkish drama series since its release. The series first released in 2019 is going on strong and is popular to date with its 4th season. The series is directed by Hakan Arslan and Reyhan Pekar and written by Nazmiye Yilmaz with an amazing star cast.

The series has been popular for its storyline and performance and has got a lot of positive reviews from the fans and the critics leading to the demand for another season which is season 5. And therefore we are here to give you all the updates on the new season.

The Promise Season 5 Release Date

The famous Turkish drama The Promise has been one of the famous and favorite among all the viewers and fans of the actors in the series but all the people have one question as the 4th season going on that whether season 5 is on the plan or not and if it is then when will it be released. So here we are to give the updates. In terms of season, there has been no confirmed news or information by the officials and team of the series. This in turn means that we will have to wait a little more to get any update on season 5 officially. But in any case, we are always here to give you all the updates that we will get on the series, so stay connected.

Name of the ShowThe Promise
Season NumberSeason 5
The Promise Season 1 Release Date18 February 2019
The Promise Season 5 Release DateNot Announced Yet
The Promise Season 5 Overview

The Promise Season 5 Story

The story of The Promise also called Yemin written by Nazmiye Yilmazis based on the story of the Tarhun Family which is a well-established family in Istanbul. The family head named Hikmet has been diagnosed with a disease which reveals that he has only a little time left for himself which in turn makes him worry about his family. His family is far from organized, his wife is greedy, his brother is trying to settle as he has lost his wife and his son is an adventurous man who is not ready to take responsibility for the family or business. But Hikmet is not ready to leave his family like this and thus decides to marry his son Emir to his nephew Reyhan who he thinks is a perfect match for him. Reyhan is a kind and pretty girl from Erzurum. She has lost her mother and since then she has been trying to stay on her own and survive when she is informed of the marriage proposal by her uncle she is left surprised.

She was not ready to marry Emir but getting the knowledge of his uncle’s health she decides to accept the proposal. Once she goes to Istanbul her life changes, Hikmet’s wife is not ready to accept her because of her poverty and background. She wants Emir to get married to his childhood friend because of her status and wealthy family profile. Emir is not ready because he does not know her and does not want to get married anytime soon, he also does not understand the idea of arranged marriage as well. Reyhan is also finding it difficult to adjust to the new place and wants to leave but she does not want to hurt her uncle. She promises her uncle that she will try her best and get married to his son, and on the other hand Hikmet’s wife makes up her mind that she will make Reyhan’s life hell so that she goes back. Emir also agrees to marry but with the thought of making Reyhan’s life hell as well and to the point that they will land up to get a divorce. He wants to prove his father wrong in his decision. Now, what happens, and how will Reyhan adjust and tackle all the troubles and miseries that are being planned, you will have to watch the series for yourself.

The Promise Season 5 Cast

The Promise Season 5 Release Date
The Promise

The cast of the long-running and popular Turkish Drama The Promise includes some really talented actors who have kept the show running for such long with good ratings and views throughout the seasons. The list of cast members includes Ozge Yagiz, Gokberk Demirci, Setenay Suer, Sila Turkoglu, Can Verei, Yagmur Sahbazova, Cansu Tuman, and, Gul Arcan Cavidan. It also includes Ceyda Olguner, Munise Ozlem Ozturk, Cansin Mina Gur, Berkant Muftuler, Derya Kurtulus Oktar, Melahat Abbasova, Balim Gaye Bayrak and, Ahmet Omer Akinger. Finally, the cast has Tugce Ersoy, Gurkan Tavukcuoglu, Caner Celksiz, Mustafa Simsek, and Ali Dereli.

The Promise Season 5 Trailer

Since there is no information about season 5’s renewal or confirmation, it means that there is no trailer as well for the series. However, if you are interested in the series after reading the story or would like to try something new starting with this series then you can watch the trailer of the seasons that have already been released. The trailers of the seasons are available on the official channel on YouTube of MX Player, and, The Promise Official. All the trailers will give you an insight into the series and the seasons which indeed will help you to get information and an idea of what the series is all about so that you can decide to watch.

Where To Watch The Promise Season 5 Online?

If you have liked everything so far and have got interested in watching the series or would like to re-watch the series again then let me tell you where you can watch all the episodes of the series. The series can be watched on BBC iPlayer, and, MX Player. So, select the accessible platform that provides the series in your region and start watching the series now. The series consists of 550 episodes in total and have a running time of around 60 to 70 minutes. Till then we will keep an eye out for any updates that might be released by the officials and the team of the series and will inform you about that.  

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