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When To Expect The Queen Of Flow Season 2 Release Date?

In today’s world, even the Colombian entertainment industry is giving competition to the entertainment industries of pro players like Britain and the USA. The Queen of flow is basically a soap opera produced in Latin America also known as Telenovela. The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television. The genre of The queen of flow is Reggaeton which is an old music style of America developed particularly from Caribbean music, Latin American, and American hip hop. The show is created by Claudia Sánchez and Said Chaime.

The story of The queen of flow is very captivating and takes the audience on a trip to discover the end of the journey, Yeimy is pursuing. It is directed by Rodrigo Lainde and Liliana Bocanegra. The queen of flow stars Carolina Ramírez, Carlos Torres, Andrés Sandoval, Adriana Arango, Mabel Moreno, and many critically acclaimed actors. The series has two seasons covering about 172 episodes under it but today we are going to talk about the second season of The queen of Flow.

The Queen of Flow Season 2 Release Date

The queen of flow season 2 has already released on 26 April 2021 on Caracol Televisión in Colombia. The show was set to be released in late 2020 but due to the Covid pandemic, the production of The queen of flow started in October 2020 when it was supported to be started in January 2020. The second season of The queen of flow has about 90 episodes.

Everyone was desperately waiting for the second season of The Queen of the Flow at the end of the year 2020 but then makers officially announced that the delay caused due to the Covid pandemic is showing its effect and the show is going to be released in April 2021.

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The Queen of Flow Season 2 Story

In season 1 where Yeimy was focusing on building up his career, in the second season she was in search of a lover who can live with her, can share her feelings, and can give her all the happiness she wants. After earning enough fame and money in music, she meets Juancho with which she falls in love.

In this course, she comes to know about a for who knows everything about her and is related to her which makes her uncomfortable and conclusively makes her nervous. Besides all this Charlie is a criminal serving his sentence in prison. In the show, it has been shown that Charlie is trying his ways to get out of prison.

The Queen of Flow Season 1 Recap

The most significant specification of the first season of The Queen of flow is the first five episodes belonging to the early 2000s set in Medellin, Colombia. A 17-year-old teenager Yeimy Montoya is a gifted lyricist and is passionate about music along with helping her family. Soon the story takes a twist and a love triangle forms including Yeimy, her crush Charly Cruz and Gema Granados, her girlfriend of Charly.

The situations change in such a way that something bad happens with Charly which leads to a serious fuss. Charly feels troubled by it and tries to frame Yeimy for his own misdeeds. Due to her blind love for Charly, Yeimy falls into her trap. But when she finds out that she has been framed, she makes her way out of the trouble and manages to get to a conclusion where all the characters reach the place they deserve.

The Queen of Flow Season 2 Cast

The queen of flow season 2

The cast members of the second season of The Queen of flow are critically acclaimed actors acting in a show with a catchy story. The star cast of The Queen of flow is as follows-

  • Carolina Ramírez as Yeimy Montoya
  • Andrés Sandoval as Juan Camilo Mesa “Juancho”
  • Carlos Torres as Carlos Cruz “Charly Flow”
  • Adriana Arango as Ligia de Cruz
  • Juan Manuel Restrepo as Erik “Mateo” Cruz
  • Lucho Velasco as Dúver Cruz “Manín”
  • Montoya ‘Pez Koi’
  • Marcelo Dos Santos as Mike Rivera
  • Mariana Gomez as Irma “El Huracán”
  • Diana Wiswell as Catalina Bedoya
  • Juan Palau as Drama Key
  • Luna Baxter as Silvia Duarte
  • Pedro Roda as José Serna
  • Mariana Garzón as Vanessa Cruz Granados
  • Pedro Ochoa as Búho
  • Sebastián Silva as Alberto Espitia “Pite”
  • Erik Rodríguez as Titano
  • Pedro Suárez as Caronte
  • Carlos Fernández as Ángel Botero
  • Kevin Buri as Cris Vega
  • Ángel David Giraldo as Emilio
  • Camila Taborda as Zafiro
  • Kiño as Axel

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The show is available on Netflix.

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