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The Resident season 6 release date: What To Expect?

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp in the “A Children’s Story” episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, May 11 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2021 Fox Media LLC Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Fox’s series “The Resident” is an American Medical Drama based on a novel, “Unaccountable” by author/doctor Marty Makary. The Resident was created by a trio of Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi. The series managed to receive around 7.7 IMDb rating out of 10 and 4.7 stars (audience rating) out of 5. With a total number of five seasons and a total of 72 episodes, it was originally released on 21 January 2018. Although the series is not exactly topping the charts but still manages to get a favorable amount of viewers and keep them hooked throughout the storyline of the series.

The storyline of the series revolves around the lives of young resident doctors who are training for their medical specialization and works at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. The series showcases the residents and the emotional, mental, and physical challenges they encounter personally and professionally at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

The Resident Season 6 Cast

The Resident Season 6 Release Date

Matt Czuchry is portraying the character of Conrad Hawkins(protagonist), who is a senior internist and resident at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and later becomes the chief resident at the hospital. Emily VanCamp who is portraying the character of Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin(female lead), is a nurse practitioner at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital.

The show makers have not officially confirmed but Emily VanCamp will not be a part of ‘The Resident’ anymore, the audience was disappointed after knowing that they won’t be seeing more of Nic in the upcoming season. Manish Dayal is portraying the character of Devon Pravesh, a second-year resident who works at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Bruce Greenwood is playing the character of Randolph Bell, the Chief of surgery who later becomes the CEO at the hospital. And other side characters like Jane Leeves who is playing the character of Kit Voss, Renée Wilson who is playing the character of Mina Okafor, Malcolm Jamal Warner who is playing the character of AJ Austin.

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The Resident Season 6 Release Date

The Resident Season 6 Release Date

As the love story of Conrad and Nic takes up a new turn in season 4, where Conrad and Nic decide to get married and by the end of the season they have a daughter, named Georgiana Grace. Up till the ending of season 4 of the resident, there has already been a lot of changes in the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital; Mina Okafor decides to move back to Nigeria which results in Chastain losing a significant member of the family.

The ending of the season also ends with Emily VanCamp’s character Nick, who will not be a part of the resident anymore. With some characters leaving the show, there will be a few newcomers and regular casting, like Billy and Leela. The audience was thrilled to know that they will get to see more of Billy and Leela as the makers confirmed that they will be the regulars of the show, there will also be a Leela and Devon love story too. The residents of the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital face more challenges as it goes public and Kit is leading everyone as the chief of the hospital.

The infamous sickle sell drugs will be a major part of the upcoming storyline. As the sickle sell drugs helped in saving various lives as well as it saved Rose’s life, it stimulates an alliance between the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and Big Pharma, though the hospital feels hostility toward Big Pharma it forms alliance with it over the sickle sell drugs.

The teaser of season 5 reflected that Chastain will encounter further challenges. The alliance of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital and Big Pharma is causing a new turmoil in the hospital, it is like a dramatic, vigorous and stressful rollercoaster ride for the residents. The hospital deals and struggles with some crucial hacking, by which the whole hospital, residents, and even the patients are affected.

As Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin is not returning to the show, creators Amy Holden, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi have twirled and whirled a bit of the storyline. Conrad Hawkins is now the chief resident at the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, he is also a single father now, raising his daughter Georgiana Grace, though the audience was aggrieved to not see both of their male and female lead together still they are curious to know what the show is up to next.

The Resident Season 6 Trailer

Season 5 of the series is streaming on television from 21st September 2021, any news regarding season 6 is yet to be announced.

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