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The Rig Season 2 Release Date Updates and News

It’s difficult to predict at this moment if The Rig will get a second season, but the conclusion most definitely raises the chance. There are many unresolved concerns about where the crew and the other inhabitants of the planet will go next, the ancestor remains out there, and most of the crew has managed to escape. But the first season’s conclusion may just as well serve as the series’ climax. The program serves as a warning about the harm humans are causing to the environment and the possible effects of climate change.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date 

Furthermore, because the rig has now been wiped out, a second season would probably need to take place in a completely other location, which would somewhat undermine the title’s significance.

In the end, a second season will probably rely on how eager the creators are to do more and how many people watch the first season on Amazon. Although we don’t yet have any official word, we’ll keep this page updated as soon as we learn anything new about a potential second season of The Rig.

You can find more about this series in this article. 

Story of The Rig Season 2

The survivors will return in the upcoming season. Furthermore, Macpherson provided some little teases about what to anticipate from The Rig’s second season. Macpherson said there are going to be more surprises and exhilaration. The season will also explore the characters in greater detail.

The official statement says, “As we provide more surprises and thrills and dive further into both our characters’ and our show’s evolving unique mythology, I’m looking forward to extending the universe of the show through the eyes of our fantastic cast in season two.”

Along with contending with swirling intrigues, disputes, and fresh dangers from the shadowy depths of the world’s seas that it has unleashed, the crew will also have to deal with the psychological and physical aftermath from the dramatic series 1 conclusion.

The second season of The Rig will persist in delving into worldwide topics about the planet’s past, present, and future, all the while providing epic thrills and captivating action for its captivating ensemble of people.

Recap of The Rig Season 1

The narrative revolves around a crew of laborers on Kinnoch Bravo, a distant oil rig in Scotland. They, as well as their allies on Kinnoch Charlie, are prepared to depart for the mainland. Unusual earthquakes beneath the rig, together with an unusual ash layer and a heavy fog, lead to a variety of issues that eventually connect to something far worse and more hazardous that is approaching.

A man named Baz is having terrifying dreams connected to something on the sea floor as the crew tries to determine what this may be. Honestly, the first chapter does a really good job of setting up a mystery before this one deviates from the original by utilizing tried-and-true ideas.

Cast of The Rig Season 2

The expected cast of The Rig Season 2 are as follows- 

  1. Emily Hampshire as Rose
  2. Calvin Demba as Baz
  3. Iain Glen as Magnus
  4. Richard Pepple as Dunlin
  5. Molly Vevers as Heather
  6. Stuart McQuarrie as Murchison
  7. Cameron Fulton as Garrow
  8. Neshla Caplan as Kacey
  9. Mark Addy as Coake
  10. Nikhil Parmar as Harish
  11. Rochenda Sandall as Cat
  12. Martin Compston as Fulmer
  13. Owen Teale as Hutton
  14. Abraham Popoola as Easter
  15. Emun Elliott as Leck
  16. Neila Stephens as Charlie Crio

Where to Watch The Rig Season 2?

The Rig Season 2 will be available on the online OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 was released on the same platform, making it quite obvious that the upcoming season will be published here. 


Where to watch The Rig Season 2?

The Rig Season 2 will be available on the online OTT platform, Amazon Prime Video. 

Will there be season 2 of this series?

It is expected that there will be season 2.

When is the season 2 coming?

Season 2 is expected to come in 2024.

What is this genre of this series?

The rig is an online thriller series. 

Is there any trailer of this series?

No, there is no trailer of this series. 


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