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The Syfy TV Series Superstition Season 2 Release Date

Superstition” is an American mystery television drama that premiered its first season on the Syfy network, consisting of 12 episodes. Superstition Season 2 Release Date is confirmed. The series follows the Hastings family, proprietors of the sole funeral home in the quiet town of La Rochelle, Georgia. However, their duties extend beyond typical funeral arrangements as they grapple with supernatural phenomena plaguing their community.

Despite its intriguing premise and fan interest, there has been no official announcement regarding the Superstition Season 2 Release Date. As fans eagerly await news, the television vulture remains vigilant, ready to pounce on any updates regarding the show’s future. Stay tuned for further developments as the fate of “Superstition” hangs in the balance.

Superstition Season 2 Release Date

“Superstition” got okay reviews after its first season aired on Syfy, but sadly, it didn’t get renewed for a second season. The show was canceled a few months after the first season ended, back in 2018. Even though it started on October 28, 2017, and finished on January 25, 2018, there wasn’t enough interest from viewers to keep it going.

There was some hope when Netflix picked up the show to stream worldwide, which could have brought in more fans. However, it didn’t make much of a difference, as the reviews from critics were pretty bad, and there weren’t as many fans as the makers hoped for. So, unfortunately, there won’t be a second season of “Superstition.”

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Stellar Cast

Mario Van Peebles, W. Earl Brown, Demetria McKinney, Diamond Dallas Page, Robinne Lee, Brad James, Morgana Van Peebles, T.C. Carter, and Tatiana Lia Zappardino star in the horror drama “Superstition.” The series centers on the Hastings family of La Rochelle, Georgia, who own the only funeral home and cemetery in town. Due to unexplained deaths caused by demonic activity, the family provides “afterlife care.” Armed with esoteric weapons, extraordinary strength, alchemy, and expertise in ancient lore and the occult, the Hastings battle the “Infernal problem” in their small town.

Episode Detail of Superstition

S. NoTitleDirected byWritten by Original air dateUS viewers
1“Pilot”Mario Van PeeblesJoel Anderson Thompson & Mario Van PeeblesOctober 20, 20170.45
2“The Dredge”Mario Van PeeblesLaurence AndriesOctober 27, 20170.33
3“Half Truths & Half Breeds”Mario Van PeeblesBrusta Brown & John Mitchell ToddNovember 3, 20170.40
4“Through the Looking Glass”Mario Van PeeblesTeresa HuangNovember 4, 20170.40
5“Tangled Web”John HarrisonChristopher HollierNovember 17, 20170.35
6“Dr. Dredge M.D”Mario Van PeeblesMario Van PeeblesDecember 1, 20170.25
7“Echoes of My Mind”Mario Van PeeblesAndrea ThorntonDecember 14, 20170.20
8“You’re Not My Momma”Ernest FarinoBrusta Brown & John Mitchell ToddDecember 21, 20170.28
9“Uncle Bubba”Mario Van PeeblesChristopher HollierDecember 28, 20170.28
10“Green-on-Blue”Laurence AndriesLaurence AndriesJanuary 4, 20180.27
11“Back to One”John HarrisonLaurence AndriesJanuary 11, 20180.48
12“Resurrection”Mario Van PeeblesJoel Anderson ThompsonJanuary(Missing)

The Haunted Town of La Rochelle

In the mysterious town of La Rochelle, Georgia, there exists only one funeral home, owned by the Hastings family. Known for its haunted houses and eerie occurrences, La Rochelle is a place where odd residents and supernatural phenomena abound. It is whispered that La Rochelle serves as a landing patch for the darkest manifestations of fear, guided by ancient malevolent forces.

The Hastings family not only arranges funerals for those who die of natural causes but also provides afterlife care for those who have succumbed to demonic entities and other paranormal occurrences. Armed with a formidable array of weapons, incredible strength, and extensive knowledge of battling evil, the Hastings family stands as protectors of the town. However, the tranquil facade is shattered when the fateful Friday the 13th arrives, coinciding with the return of Hastings’ eldest son, who had departed the family sixteen years prior. As unsettling events unfold throughout the town, the Hastings family mobilizes to defend the residents from the malevolent forces at work.

Superstition: Will There Be Another Season on Netflix?

Currently streaming on Netflix, the supernatural drama “Superstition” has garnered a dedicated fanbase since its premiere. Produced by SyFy, the series’ first season, consisting of 12 episodes, dropped on Netflix UK on April 29.

Following the Hastings family, owners of the sole funeral home and graveyard in La Rochelle, Georgia, the show explores the eerie occurrences in the American Deep South. Despite its dedicated fans, the show’s ratings have been relatively low, casting uncertainty on its future. As of now, there’s no trailer for a potential second season.

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